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Creative DJ & Poet: Zed Regal (London)

We Caught This Article From Swindon Link: By Barrie Hudson – 31 March 2023 Musician Zed Regal made a sentimental journey for the launch of his new single.
These days Zed Regal is based in Bristol, but for many years he presented a much loved show on Swindon 105.5.
He chose to return to his old stamping ground, where he was known as Zeeks in those days for the launch of Suh Di Ting Guh, billed as a Reggae Dancehall/Trap banger.
He said of the title: “It means ‘That’s how the thing goes.’ You know when things happen out of your control? You walk, you slip on a banana, ‘Suh Di Ting Guh’!
“This year we’re going to be releasing singles and videos, and building up the profile worldwide online.”
The Swindon visit was a chance to catch up with friends including Swindon 105.5 station manager Shirley Ludford.
The performer recalled: “At the beginning of the station when Shirley did the pilot, I did a pilot with them, and then I ended up having a show called The Catchy Hours here for about eight years when they got a licence. ‘Catchy Hours’ being that I have a record label called Catchy Creations” READ MORE…

“Suh Di Ting Guh!” By Zed Regal
“Lock It Down,” By Zed Regal

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