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Creativity Is Humanities Algorithm

{P.L.O.T.S.}~Creatives Magazine Team


Maxine A. Moncrieffe aka Maxwanette A Poetess
Owner, Founder, Magazine Creator & Editor-in-chief (Ulster County, NY USA)

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Born to Jamaican parents, in Brooklyn, NY (USA) at Cumberland Hospital – As Maxine A. Moncrieffe aka Maxwanette A Poetess. One of Maxwanette’s favorite sayings is “Poetry Is In My DNA,” with her Mother being her 1st Introduction to Poetry. Maxine went on to further expose herself to Louise Bennett, Claude McKay, Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, James Baldwin, Edgar Allan Poe, Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Shakespeare, Rudyard Kipling, Oscar Wilde, Alice Walker, Gwendolyn Brooks, Nikki Giovanni, and so many more.

Maxine wrote her first poem, at the age of 5; a Haiku, and she wrote one for her Mother every day for a month. Thus began her journey with Poetry in hand. It was in the early 1980s, and by the age of 12, Ms. Moncrieffe did her first poetry recital in Brooklyn, NY, at a place formerly known as The New Muse. She received awards & certificates for writing and accompanied her Mother at recitals, readings, and functions, which included great griots and activists such as the legendary, Louis Reyes Rivera. Maxwanette states, “When I met Mr. Rivera, I noticed we were around the same height. I wondered about this man, as a child would. But when I heard him recite, I knew then, that I was Poetry & that Poetry was me.”

Considered the Underdog & homeless in Brooklyn, NY by the age of 11; as the struggle her family experienced, leaving the island of Jamaica. Trying to get their footing in America; mental illness and abusive experiences wreaked havoc in her family and Maxine’s life. How could she reach them? How could she change the narrative? How could she change herself for the better? She decided, that connecting people through words, was key. No matter the experiences, which changed her, in a myriad of ways, However, Maxwanette, never stopped writing.

A part of Maxine’s, life goals is to link Poets, Creatives, Entrepreneurs, and Humanity across the globe by assisting; uplifting, encouraging, and spreading love and positivity as much as possible. Why? She states it helps to heal her and others. She considers it a necessity, to change former old & outdated narratives, and to have a genuine link with individuals through Creativity.

Maxine A. Moncrieffe is a  licensed business owner: P.L.O.T.S.~PROOFING & PROMOTING SERVICES, LLC & dba Cyber Clerical Associates – both are online entities, a published poet of, “Poetry, Language Of The SOul, Volume I.”, & “The Poetic Storm, Volume II,”and her mother’s book “The Unlimited Mind,” by Hyacinth Williams-Moncrieffe (all books are available on Amazon) & Poetry Language Of The SOul is also available at Barnes & Noble bookstores. Maxine is also a Self-Publisher – and publishes books through KDP Amazon, a former Co-Host on “The Real Stuff Podcast,” – an affiliate of the solidified Jamaican online radio station: Reggaenostalgia, host of PLOTS – PODCAST w/Maxwanette A Poetess, {P.L.O.T.S.} – The Creatives Magazine & The Creatives Bridge – both of which were created, founded and currently operated by Maxine and her sister Denise. Her fantastic Staff/Team & Family; Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo (President – Philipines), Shahid Abbas (Vice-President – Pakistan), & Ras Atiba aka Emile Ivy (Jamaica’s Representative & Magazine Contributor – MC Brooklyn, NY USA), Noreen Ann Snyder (International Magazine Consultant – IMC – Florida,USA), Ilona Lakatos (International Public Relations Consultant – IPRC – Hungary), and Dr. Shalini Yadav (International Director of Academic & Literary Affairs -India). Maxine established her business during the COVID-19 Pandemic, June 17, 2020, kept it afloat during her survival through Hurricane Ian in Kissimmee, FL on September 28th, 2022, through disaster victim housing discrimination in Georgia, to be relocated to Ulster County, NY officially on June 1st, 2023. When asked how she did it, Maxine response was “I don’t know how to give-up. My Mother taught me at a very young age, that being disabled wasn’t an excuse to just drop dead and become stagnant. You keep going. Never giving-up, and never giving-in. Even if you make mistakes, even if you get it all wrong, even if it’s not your fault…even if it is, you must keep going forward. For only then can things change.”

Maxine believes in not only “paying it forward,” in life, but also in shedding a spotlight on CREATIVES & ENTREPRENEURS, across the Universe. In the interim, she tries to be a reminder, that we need one another, as her famous motto & mantra states: “We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”

Maxine looks forward to establishing a strong Creative foothold in Ulster County, NY, seeking sponsors, maintaining a building for the Creatives to be, come, perform, and showcase their works, and intertwining with the Creatives there, taking her magazine and the creatives she promotes to higher heights. She goes forth with a smile on her face, that reaches her eyes. She states, “Creativity Is Humanity’s Algorithm.”



Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo – *President, Editor, Contributor, Magazine Ambassador Governor (Philippines)

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo is a multi-awarded International Author/Poet/Visual Artist from the Philippines. She is the author of 2 books “Seasons of Emotions” (UK) and *”Inner Reflections of the Muse” (USA) and a co-author of more than 100 international anthologies. Her works were already translated into 18 languages. Elizabeth is a Global Peace Ambassador and her advocacies include the protection of women’s and children’s rights, environmental awareness, cancer awareness, and protection of animal rights, among others.
Blog site: “Seasons and Reflections of the Muse”
Inner Reflections of the Muse: Available On Amazon –

I am a Contributor, Editor, and Magazine Ambassador for our PLOTS Magazine.

Facebook Pages:



Shahid Abbas  – Vice-President, Contributor, Magazine Ambassador Governor (Pakistan)

Shahid Abbas is a multi-awarded International Author and Poet from Karapla, Tandlianwala Faisalabad Pakistan. He is the author of “Words from Nature” and the co-author of “We Speak In Syllables”.
His works were also featured in various international anthologies and diverse literary platforms both in print and online. Shahid’s works were already translated into 10 different languages.
Shahid also is the newly-appointed Director of Culture in Pakistan of the State of Birland and is to handle the promotion of literary and arts activities. He is also the newly-appointed Coordinator for The Dream of Equality Pakistan. Camara Internacional de Escritores and Artistas (International Chamber of Writers and Artists) based in Spain appointed him as the Director Ejecutivo (Executive Director) for the CIESART Headquarters in Pakistan. Shahid will be the Host of Haiku TV (USA) with Sir Michael Bee. A recipient of several international awards and recognitions, he has graced a number of international literary festivals representing his country Pakistan in promoting world peace and world literature some of which are based in India, Portugal, Mexico City, USA, and Colombia, among others. He is one of the Amazon Bestselling Authors in several international anthologies one of which is “Peace is Within Us” published by How to Write for Success Literary Network based in Trinidad and Tobago.



Shahid Abbas’s Book, “Words from Nature” Is Available On Amazon:


Ras Atiba (aka Emile Ivy)
Contributor & Magazine Ambassador Governor (Jamaica’s Representative in Brooklyn, NY USA)

GENESIS: ‘STYLE & PATTERN’ Portmore-St. Catherine, Jamaica (1980-1993)

While listening to a cultural program on the radio, I heard the riveting words of poet Oku Onuora coming through my speakers. The bass of his voice as he spoke the words “…there will be no peace until equal rights and justice” reverberating and awakening the artist within me. One of my first poetic pieces was entitled Pollution. It focused on multiple forms of pollution, including speech, garbage, scientific, nuclear, etc. My primary stage was the corners within the community. I was the youngest youth practicing the craft of Dub Poetry while most of my other peers were venturing into the new and more popular genre of Reggae music called Dancehall. It was lonely in my community back home, however, my notebook and pencil often carried me beyond my immediate surroundings. 

Over the course of my younger years, I would continue to learn and study with the originators of this growing traditional form of expression. As Jamaica endured a period of socio-political uprisings, the role of the poet became all the more vital to the authentic reporting of the conditions we were living through. While dancehall conjured up images of the “pre-bling bling era of decadence”, Dub Poetry became the ‘Food’ that sustained the disenfranchised, who were often pushed outside the Circle. I knew that day, ‘my time’ would come and the Circle would expand. As I prepared to emigrate to the United States, I received the blessings of Oku Onuora, the Father of Dub Poetry to continue and expand the Art Form.

Time’. After building a network, I decided it was time to launch a platform with ARTS, Roots, and Culture as the focal point. This Movement evolved into what Brooklyn knows as Sarabita Mondays.
Ras Atiba is also a well-published poet, on Amazon. Feel free to purchase his book: Dub Poems And Quotes From The Mind Of Ras Atiba –

Denise Bryan – Assistant Editor & Contributor (Ulster County, NY – USA)

Denise Bryan is not only the sister of Maxwanette A Poetess, but she’s also her assistant editor, biggest contributor, supporter, published poet, artist (draws), wickedly gifted crocheter, and an awesome cook.

Noreen Ann Snyder

Noreen Ann Snyder – International Magazine Consultant (IMC), (Florida, USA)

Noreen Ann Snyder is a poet and a published author of five poetry books with four of them are co-authored with her loving husband, Garry A. Snyder. She will always do what she can to honor her loving husband, Garry Snyder, and keep him alive. In his honor she founded The Poetry Club and Facebook Live every Saturday evening. She is the host of “Have a Chat With Poet Noreen”, monthly show. Noreen loves to read and to write poetry. She has a Ko-Fi Shop and will have a second shop on BigCartel. Noreen creates Calendars, Greeting Cards, Magnets, Stickers, business cards, and etc. 

Ilona Lakatos – International PR Consultant (IPRC) (Hungary)

Ilona Lakatos is from Varpalota, Hungary. She’s a qualified manager in marketing and advertising, of which the PR part has always been the most attractive to her. Ilona is also our International Public Relations Consultant. Ilona brings to the team, a wonderful array of Hungarian Creatives (other countries as well), her experience at the International Art Gallery’s – CPS Manager, a Poet & fellow Creative, phenomenal at arranging of Creative events, a major supporter of our magazine, and is a genuinely nice & caring individual. 

Official Website:

Dr. Shalini Yadav – International Director of Academic & Literary Affairs (India)

Elizabeth O. Ogunmodede – Youth Ambassador, Digital Creator

An avid poet, writer, humanitarian, ambassador of peace and professor, Dr Shalini Yadav holds a PhD in Post-colonial Literature and M. Phil in English Language Teaching (ELT) from the University of Rajasthan, India and a course in Advanced Creative Writing from University of Oxford, UK. During her tenure as an educator in India, Libya and Saudi Arabia, she has participated and presented papers at conferences and seminars, chaired sessions and delivered lectures. She keeps reading her poems and short stories at various National and International poetry carnivals. She has meticulously written and reviewed a large number of scholarly research articles for various National and International refereed journals and edited volumes. She is a member of various literary societies. She is chief editor of a quarterly literary magazine Glitterati. The editor of Open Page in Writers International Edition, she is also an efficacious member of the editorial boards of various qualitative journals of many countries. She has authored and edited 12 books till now. Her major book publications include Contemporary African American Writers, Reconnoitering Postcolonial Literature, Emerging Psyche of Women: A Feminist Perspective, On the Wings of Life: Women Writing Womanhood, Postcolonial Transition and Cultural Dialectics, and Communication Techniques. Besides, her poetry books include Across the Seas, Floating Haiku, Kinship With You: A Collection of Poems, Till the End of Her Subsistence: An Anthology of Poems, and one in Hindi Kshitiz Ke Us Paar. Many of her short stories and poems are published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, magazines and anthologies. She is recipient of prestigious awards Chanakya Award, Global Women Icon Award-2023, International Women’s Day Award, and Savitribai Phule Excellence Award-2023.


Elizabeth O. Ogunmodede, an Ondo State indigene born on the 31st of August, 2007.

She’s an author, published both in Nigeria and in the USA, has written four books in the English language, three of which have been published, and her books are all available in online bookstores. She’s also a contributor to numerous international literary anthologies.

Elizabeth is a poet, motivational speaker, graphic designer, and product designer. In 2023, she was elected Speaker of Ondo state’s children’s parliament and from a humble background.

Elizabeth wrote her first book when she was in elementary school between the ages of 8-9, although, it was published when she was in high school during Covid and approved for the 2021-2024 academic session into her State’s academic syllabus for 7th graders.

Elizabeth’s books can be found on Amazon ma’am:

During her high school days, she was the President of the Press Club from grades 11-12, where she introduced a lot of innovations and gave the club a new positive identity until her tenure elapsed.

Elizabeth was also elected Senior Prefect Girl of her school in her senior year, and she won her state’s (Ondo State) spelling bee competition in 2022, representing her school, her local government, and Ondo Central senatorial district, amongst many other triumphing competitions.