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Creativity Is Humanities Algorithm

Supporting Each Other Is Vital

“AWESOME arrival today! A SPECIAL THANK YOU to Brother Craig MultiTalented Kirkland, for the acknowledgment in his book “Don’t Cry.” I’m honored. Yes, I promote Creatives, buy their books – when able, and try to show support, as much as possible. Once I’m better, there’ll be book reviews as well. There are sooo many ways to support each other; share each other’s works, buy a book/music/ art/, donate, do collaborations, go to the Creatives events (if you can’t go donate). Kudos, to those Creatives that support each other…It’s a beautiful thing.” ~Mawanette A Poetess aka Maxine A. Moncrieffe #TogetherWeRise

Get Your Copies & Don’t Forget To Leave A Review! 😀

Make the World New: The Poetry of Lillian Allen (Laurier Poetry)

After the Rainbow: Golden Poems, by Zaneta Varnado Johns

The Children Ought to Know, by Amina Blackwood-Meeks

Don’t Cry, by Craig A. Kirkland

Across The Seas, by Shalini Yadav

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