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Many say our Youths are our future. I disagree with that. Our Youths are our us, we are their them, right NOW. It’s vital to Humanity and existence to assist our Youths. Even if we got it wrong? NOW is the time to get it right, for we need each other.  So, let’s continue to uplift, encourage, assist, teach, learn, listen, unite, support, love, & share with our children.”~Maxwanette A Poetess

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The Angels Dream Team’s Fundraiser





We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization. The goal of PKOTS (Project Keep’em Off The Streets) successfully sparing our youth from unnecessary hardship in life (i.e. Gangs, Diseases, Drugs, Crime, Violence, Prison and Death, Sex, Truancy) by exposing the realities of life in/on the streets.

PKOTS will use tools such as viewing raw footage/documentaries from hood to hood letting the youth see for themselves what street living produces when talent and education go to waste.

PKOTS also uses various resources to reach our youth such as hands-on power sessions with individuals who have experienced the struggle of street life and lived to tell about it. In some cases, some testimonies have come from family members or friends of those who did not survive the dangers!

Although some resources can be graphic in nature, it’s the TRUTH and it’s REAL and intended to bring a reality to save one from becoming a statistic, many of our youth are exposed to this life every day.

PKOTS is optimistic about getting to the root issues that lead to life on the streets whether it is peer pressure, inadequate family values, lack of education and employment, or even self-worth.

PKOTS provides youth with opportunities to share their own stories, ask questions, offer suggestions, and speak openly about how they feel about certain aspects of their lives or surroundings while instilling in them not to get lost in the system and become just a number or the revolving door THEY call, “Rehabilitation when lost in the system”. Also, letting them know that sometimes life in the streets is a dead end to that last walk of freedom – “PRISON or DEATH!”

PKOTS is a continuous project that will broaden its scope in the near future and promote advocacy for our young people so they may obtain their goals and live healthy successful lives.

Call us: 678-744-8134

Mail us: 

5284 Floyd Rd. Unit 1744

Mableton Ga, 30126

    © 2023 by PKOTS.INC.


Ria Patel – Every Kid Deserves A Book!

My name is Ria, and I’m organizing a book drive for underserved children through a partnership with a non-profit organization Bernie’s Book Bank.

I have a big goal for my campaign. I want to reach as many kids as possible, and I hope you can help me out.

Books are an essential aspect of childhood development, and for me, they not only expanded and improved my literacy, but they also helped me explore the world and my imagination. I remember running home, excited about embarking on my newest journey, flying to Neverland, or dueling with Harry Potter.

As Walt Disney once said, “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”

Unfortunately, many neighborhoods lack the resources to bring books to their children.

Whereas middle-income neighborhoods are able to supply books with a ratio of 13 books to 1 child, low-income neighborhoods have 1 age-appropriate book for every 300 kids. Without books, underprivileged children are deprived of the same literacy opportunities as their privileged counterparts.

Want to know how you can help?

1. You can donate $5 to this Go Fund Me page! If everyone donates $5, together, we will be able to donate over 200,000 books.

2. Know anyone else who is passionate about books? Personally share this Go Fund Me link with them and encourage them to do the same!

3. Help spread the word! Make a post on social media! Start a fundraiser! Organize a bake sale! Post flyers around your community!

4. Join my team! Email me ( if you are interested in joining my team to help underserved kids. Together, we can form a community and provide kids in need with resources that they may not otherwise be able to afford or have access to.

Through my partnership with Bernie’s Book Bank, everything that is donated will go straight to them, and they will process and distribute books to underprivileged children. Every dollar donated will bring a book to a disadvantaged child’s personal library.

Urban Youth Impact – West Palm Beach Florida (USA)


EarthBound Journal – A Nature Magazine Written by & For Kids!


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