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Self-Publishing Tips With Maxwanette A Poetess

Self-Publishing Pros & Cons w/Maxwanette A Poetess

What Is Self-Publishing And Should I do it?
Self-publishing is when an author publishes their work without utilizing the regular/traditional book publisher. The benefits of self-publishing that you get to keep your royalties (which can really pay off), and profits, as well as you have a say so on creative ideas and save money on publishing costs. These are some of the pros.

Now some of the cons of self-publishing are, it’s more difficult to get your book out there in libraries, stores, and even with the bigger publishing companies. See, they deal more with distributors. You can take your book and go into one of these places but more than likely they’re not going to do business with you. I mean nothing ventured, nothing gained, as the old adage says, but it’s very difficult to get their support this way. Also, with self-publishing you usually have to pay for everything upfront. For example; you pay for proofreading, editing, your book cover, and everything that’s inside of the book, not forgetting the manuscript, and more. These services may begin to add up. So, keep that in mind.

“My Momma Told Me, You Betta’ Shop Around!” There are sooo, many self-publishers out there now. You have to check their services, reviews, even try to contact people who used their services already. This is the day of modern technology and AI. You can practically reach out to just about anybody. Try it and ask the person to give you some decent feedback, on the publishers services. Be careful, sometimes you can get what I like to call “False Feedback.” There’s always disgruntled customers, who put out false reviews. Be sure to do your homework on the publisher & the messenger😉.

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Maxwanette A Poetess aka Maxine A. Moncrieffe

The Sarabita Masters Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient (2022), Author, Published Poet, Self-Publisher w/Amazon KDP, Lic. Business Owner, Podcast Host, Lic. Notary (GA & FL – U.S.A.), Intl. Art Consultant of Art Heals by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, Annual Co-Host of 100 Thousand Poets For Change (Since 2021), & CIESART of Spain’s President –  Representing Jamaica in Arts, Roots, Culture, Creativity, Love & Humanity.


Let’s Start Self-Publishing!

I Want To Publish My Poetry On Amazon

Everyone wants to publish their books on Amazon! And Why Not? It’s a great platform to launch your works, for less. So, Maxwanette, Where Do We Start?👀

ORGANIZE! ORGANIZE! ORGANIZE!… I start by telling my clients to organize their works. It maybe tedious & time -consuming, but it must be done. Get ALL of your poems & put them in categories; love, relationships, Nature, war, etc. Once that’s done, we go to the next step…

Every Book Needs A Title… Look over your poetry, and think of the message/story you’re trying to relay or share with the public. Brainstorm a bit. Some even gather their supporters, followers, family, & friends, to come up with a good title for their book.

Word & PDF Formats Please… We advise EVERYONE, to simply type or transfer their works in/with Word, then save it as a PDF. Why? It’s simply user-friendly and works easier with other programs. It also helps the process along more smoothly.

Stay Tuned As We Go Through The Different Parts/Sections Of A Poetry Book For Publishing

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