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🌹✒️POETRYS – Goran Vid Lakic✒️🌹

I am Goran Vid Lakić, born in 1966, near former Yugoslavia, near former Bosnia and Herzegovina, and near the Republic of Srpska. I live and work near Serbia. I am a Serbian writer. I have diplomas in pedagogy and economics. I have a wife and two sons. 
I have been actively reading and writing for 40 years. Published by myself 5 collections of poetry. 
I have been awarded several times. I am a somewhat friendly scribe in Serbia.



I say – the Motherland.

The bells are ringing.

No doubt the pledge promised.

I say – the government.

Bells – shackles.

No doubt on both sides.

I say – the leader.

Ring – to be or not to be.

No doubt at every opportunity.

I say – the people.

Bells – slaves.

No doubt until sunset.

I say – a poet.

The bells fell silent.


I wouldn’t advise you

To create songs,

At least not the real ones.

I would not . . .

It’s too bloody even for an eagle.

Don’t invite her, young man.

Squeeze the elderberry dry –

It is easier.

Quit that job.

You will be born every time

With a brand on the forehead.

Oh, you really want to

To give birth

Of the kind born,

Yes soft heart

Are you scolding with a thorn?

No, I wouldn’t advise you

To create songs,

At least not the real ones.

I would not . . .

When you can

To welcome the white dawn,

Engaging in other pastimes.



It thunders. It shoots.

Shoot! Thunder!

Creepy breach.

I’m afraid. I’m on fire!

Ugly raving.

Oh, how long is this lamentation?

I was sweating.


Is that my dream?


I think you’re leaving.

It’s hard to follow me

You are right – go,

Good luck to you.

I prepared for you

A heart for the road, may it be found for you,

I did not want to,

But I missed it.

If you find it difficult,

If there is a surplus

You throw him through the window,

At least it’s easy.

I don’t need more anyway.


I hear you calling, mother

Over the hills it echoes,

I hear, old woman, I’m in a hurry!

From the pits when I return,

I’ll bring you two sunnies –

Two drops of sweet dew,

Two stones for easy sleep,

Two smiles awaited

Two favorite songs…

One for you

One for my father

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