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🌹✒️POETRYS – David Lider (Israel)✒️🌹

David Lider 

David Lider is an Israeli poet, essayist, and chess teacher. He resides with his family in Pardes Hanna, Israel. He published five poetry books. His poems were published in national press journals, periodicals, and the radio. Eventually, he decided to archive three of his first poetry books because of different circumstances. His fourth book Love Poems was published by Piyutit publishing house in 2020. His fifth book I Dreamed I am Playing on Your Body, was published by Eshkolot Poetica publishing house in 2022.



We Started the journey Hand in Hand

Every evening I traveled to you by train

I came back to my town each morning,

passionate about your mighty kiss.

By watching you cooking,

Emotions from the old days were coming back to me.

I recalled how I dedicated my time to works of literature

Neglecting the delights of the flesh.

How I filled papers with passages about the refuges of birds,

And archeological discoveries.

How I wrote about the leftover fresco paintings from the gladiator days

And about the longed diamonds are to be worn on a woman’s chest.

Yet, it was as if the melody was deceiving me.

Only then, slowly, did the realization hit me- the destiny wanted me to learn

As I am engraving hearts on the pine tree.


As spring came, our love was crystalizing

I may have imagined that the flowers sensed-

The mirrors of my soul.

How I kneeled in the house of stone, proclaimed passion

To the sound of Iglesias.

How the wine was pouring with restraint

To the sight of the arbutuses.

For some moments, the pain overpowered the light.

Then your eyes connected one thing to the other,

And I collected my existence to the room.

Through the suffocating tremor, I sensed the forgotten words –

“The Arctic bear has big paws

For he won’t sink in the snow.

The beauty of your hair, your lips- that my soul won’t sink.”

In the summer, we were wrapped up in intoxicating heat

While kissing your body, I sculpted my craving-

For the melody won’t leave me

And as I looked at the blue ocean, images came up-

Of how we loved under lamplight and the open book of Genesis,

How I looked at your face in the open field

And thought of the firmament light.



To the shade of the pine tree in the Misgav stream reservoir

To purify the language from war commands

Listening sensually to line of Cuerpo De Mujer

To the peaceful tulip that opens up slow

Reading love letters-

Of Eloise, Liszt, and Bernard Shaw.


Wrapped in Alterman’s poetry in a hotel room

Fulfilling timetables of making love.

Wearing periodic clothes on the hour

Filling the wall with the candlelight’s shade.


To engrave “passion” on the rocks of the Negev mountains

That blends with the Coracias’ song.

At the summits playing chess with tools made of chocolate

And then, being satisfied with each other’s tools

Like lovemaking after a dispute


In the gushing river at the foot of the mountain

From the neumes at the Notre Dame

To the gleaming gaze of the troubadours

From the rebirth and Machaut’s resonance

To the unpolished pearl

From the harmonies of Rameau and the sonnets of Scarlatti

To the wanderer above the sea of mist.

Through the length of time

And all of its riddles:

Children building sandcastles

And there is strength in the peaceful sight.


Writing a few lines on social media,

The distance between Pardes Hanna and Berlin is like a boy leaving class

To drink from the water cooler.

Recollecting the flight of the white butterfly next to the parked excavators

The gleaming shards that stuck out of the site

Yet to be drawn out for dating.

Thinking about the gushing river at the foot of the mountain

And the noble truths.

Is there a contradiction? Is there not self at core?

Maybe from a different angle,

Like boys looking at the pine tree

One from the foot

And the other from the helicopter’s flight around the woodlands.

Thinking about Abraham’s people

Bidding him farewell

With luxurious gifts.

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