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Poet Life: Poetry Business Tour

*From The Page Of Christoph Jenkins: “Facebook Family, I’m here in Kingston, Jamaica serving the people and poets of the land with the Education, Engagement, and Entertainment of poetry! I’m here from Monday to Friday of this week. Last night’s Poetry Business Workshop was a massive success. I am currently en route to the Charles Town Maroon Council and Early Childhood School. I’ll be teaching young students how to express themselves through poetry and teenage students how to create a life surrounded and sustained by their art. This is a rural area and I want to make sure we add tangible value to these students. These are the supplies that the students need. Will you partner with The Poet Life in being a blessing to these deserving students. It will be greatly appreciated and immediately utilized. Any amount via Cash App or PayPal will be used to serve the students. DM me for more details. I appreciate your continued support in my endeavor to serve the global community.”

“This is a wonderful thing. I encourage everyone who can, to donate. No matter the amount. An old Jamaican adage: “Every nickel mek ah muckle.” Translation: Every little bit counts. You’d be shocked, how much help, even $20 (USD), could do.” ~Maxwanette A Poetess

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