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MOVIE REVIEWS: “A Wesley Christmas,” [2022] Written by Bree West

Movie Reviews: By Maxwanette A Poetess aka Maxine A. Moncrieffe – Owner/Founder/Editor-in-chief

A Great Movie To Start The Holidays!

“A Wesley Christmas” 2022

Available On: HULU, YourTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, BET +, fuboTV, Philo, & Sling TV

Written by: Bree West
Directed by: Patricia Cuffie-Jones

Terrence C. Carson -Marcus Elkins
Ryheem Johnson – Young Marcus
Jasmine Guy – Sylvia Wesley
Dorien Wilson – Bryan Wesley
Terayle Hill – Todd Wesley
Loren Lott – Cydney Wesley
Adara Lowery – Kennedy Wesley
Loren Lowery – Taryn Wesley
Sydney Mitchell – Jannelle Wesley
Kiki Haynes – Trina Wesley
Rolonda Rochelle – Gloria Corbett
Red Grant – Dr. Jerome Jackson
Mike Merrill – Dennis Dobson
Judi Blair – Ryan Johnson
Kevin Savage – Chris Wesley
Marla Aaron Wapner – Gina
Camille Chase – Regina
Paul Jerry – Choir Member
Jonathan McReynolds – Recording Artist
Edward M. Beckford Jr. – Towtruck Driver
Quentin Alexander – Jefferson
Ed Del Orbe – Mailman
Apostle Veryl Howard – Pastor Timmons
George Juice Graham – Omar
Faith McCullough – Choir person/ restaurant patron (background)
Joshua Morgan – Cam Anton (as Josh Morgan)
Rod Van Blake – Party goer, church member
Vivian Winter – Choir member
Asia Antoinette – Audience (uncredited)
Bella Levy – Jerome’s 2nd girlfriend (uncredited)
LaLa Marvelous – Club patron, church congregant (uncredited)

“A Wesley Christmas” is a powerful and poignant film that sheds light on the often stigmatized and overlooked trauma that our veterans go through. It also showed relatable scenes and situations, that we’re emotionally on point. Directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, this movie delves deep into the emotional struggles and challenges faced by those who have served their country, providing a much-needed platform for their stories to be heard.

The film shared different situations, that people go through. But the most poignant one for me, was the journey of Marcus, played by phenomenal actor Terrence C. Carson, a war veteran who is grappling with the aftermath of his experiences. Through Marcus’s character, the audience is exposed to the harsh realities of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the toll it takes on individuals. The movie does an exceptional job of portraying the internal battles that veterans face, showcasing the psychological and emotional scars that are often invisible to the outside world.

One of the strengths of “A Wesley Christmas” is its ability to humanize the experiences of veterans. The film goes beyond the stereotypes and clichés often associated with war movies, presenting a nuanced and realistic portrayal of the challenges faced by those who have served. The performances by the cast, particularly the lead actor portraying Marcus, are incredibly moving and authentic, capturing the pain, vulnerability, and resilience of veterans.

Furthermore, the film tackles the issue of stigma surrounding mental health in the military. It highlights the societal pressure for veterans to suppress their emotions and the detrimental effects this can have on their well-being. By addressing this stigma head-on, “A Wesley Christmas” encourages a much-needed conversation about the importance of mental health support for our veterans.

The cinematography and soundtrack of the film also deserve praise. The visuals effectively capture the somber and introspective tone of the story, while the music enhances the emotional impact of each scene. The attention to detail in these aspects adds depth and richness to the overall viewing experience.

However, one aspect that could have been improved upon is the pacing of the film. At times, the narrative feels slightly disjointed, and certain scenes could have been given more time to fully develop the emotional depth of the story. This could have further strengthened the connection between the audience and the characters, allowing for a more immersive experience.

In conclusion, “A Wesley Christmas” is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged film that sheds light on the trauma experienced by our veterans. It serves as a reminder that the struggles faced by those who have served should not be stigmatized or overlooked. Patricia Cuffie-Jones’s direction, coupled with powerful performances and a compelling narrative, make this movie a must-watch for anyone seeking a deeper understanding. Terrence C. Carson’s character Marcus, raised a few tears indeed.

It was personally thrilling, to see our veteran actors, Jasmine Guy, Terrence C. Carson, and Dorian Wilson in this holiday special. Love You Guys!!!

“I enjoyed this show immensely. The family issues were familiar and relatable.”
“I thoroughly felt the character played by Terrence C. Carson. I have many family members that are Veterans, and this really hit home in a personal way. We’re seeing many Veterans committing crimes, homeless, unemployed, and struggling with mental illness. It’s high time to erase the stigmatism, and treat our Veterans with more respect, love, consideration, and compassion. NEVER should they serve our country, then be cast aside. More needs to be done. I commend the writer Bree West and everyone who came together to bring this movie to fruition, and shining the light on those that serve. Excellent!” #WOOSAH

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