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International Creative & Our Magazine President – Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo (Phillipines)

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo is a multi-awarded International Author/Poet/Visual Artist from the Philippines. She is the author of 2 books “Seasons of Emotions” (UK) and “Inner Reflections of the Muse” (USA) and a co-author of more than 100 international anthologies. Her works were already translated into 13 languages. Elizabeth is a Global Peace Ambassador and her advocacies include the protection of women’s and children’s rights, environmental awareness, cancer awareness, and protection of animal rights, among others.
She is also a Contributor, Editor, & our Magazine Ambassador for the Philippines.

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo’s upcoming First International Solo Art Exhibition this July 28th Opening Day to be hosted by the Universidad Estatal Del Valle de Ecatepec in Mexico City. Organized by the State Government of Mexico. Her artworks will be displayed in their Official Site and Facebook Page:
Poetry By Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

“The Alchemy of Life”

Pilgrims in this journey called Life
Coming from One Source,
One Universe with swirling different worlds
Dancing, in a mass of Infinite Web
One fine day our souls will collide,
When our Higher Selves meet at the epicenter
We all long to follow the Light
The illustrious beauty that never fades,
Of the invisible thread that binds every little thing.
Each one of us is more than just an atom
Which suddenly appeared out of this cosmic journey,
Across the horizon, I see Angels preparing for a banquet
Waiting for our return to our One True Home
Do you want to chase the Light at the end of the tunnel?
Or you would want to go back to the life you once borrowed?
Spirits transcending into another realm,
No pain, no suffering but only eternal happiness remains
I see you smiling in the afterglow,
And it finally dawned on me, I am truly Home.

Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

***Background Abstract Painting by Jade Lugtu
Project Hulmahan at The Manila Hotel!(Philippines)
Visit our Project Hulmahan at The Manila Hotel!
Walk through a display of inspiring art pieces created by talented Filipino artists using discarded shoe molds.

Project Hulmahan is on display at The Manila Hotel’s Grand Lobby and Art Gallery until May 20, 2023. Admission is free.
Neoma Galleria Features International Artist Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
My gratitude to Neoma Galleria for this brilliant introduction as an Exhibitor/Participating Artist of our upcoming “Transmission II Transmitting Art Throughout the World” International Art Exhibition!

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is our great pleasure to introduce you to Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, a highly talented visual artist and writer from the Philippines. Elizabeth will be showcasing her latest works at the prestigious international virtual exhibit titled “Transmitting Art Throughout the World II”.

Elizabeth’s work is known for its unique blend of traditional Filipino art and contemporary styles. Her pieces are a reflection of her deep connection to her cultural heritage, and her use of vibrant colors and intricate details creates stunning and thought-provoking pieces that truly captivate the imagination.

In addition to her work as an artist, Elizabeth is also an accomplished writer, and her writing often explores themes of identity, culture, and the human experience. Her work as a writer has been widely acclaimed, and her ability to capture the essence of the Filipino spirit through her words is truly remarkable.

As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, artists like Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo remind us of the beauty and richness of our cultural heritage, and inspire us to connect with the world around us in new and profound ways.

So let us come together to celebrate the work of this exceptional artist and writer on April 22, 2023, and to experience the magic of her art and writing for ourselves.”- Neoma Galleria
Let us congratulate our {P.L.O.T.S.}-Creatives Magazine President, Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo for having her Special Feature in The Rizal Weekly Post based in the Philippines!

“Thank you, Lord! My full-page Special Feature in the Artikulo Section of The Rizal Weekly Post with my Artistic Biography and paintings! My gratitude to Sir Pol A Mesina Jr. of ARTipolo for making this happen and to the Editorial Staff of The Rizal Weekly Post! I will be forever grateful to ARTipolo Group, Inc. for paving the way for me to enter the local Art Circle which eventually opened doors of opportunities for me to be an International Visual Artist! I also dedicate this to my family, loved-ones, relatives, friends, and loyal supporters across the globe who continuously accompany me in my art career. This is also for my art brand Art Heals by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo and for my Team!”- Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo



A poem I composed for “Song of Sahel”, a global charity anthology for the benefit of the children in the Sahel region in Africa. “The Song Of Sahel was in aid of the people of Sahel who face a terrible crisis of starvation, war, displacement, and drought.”

“Blessed Be The Children Of Tomorrow”

I always thought you can see the truth through a child’s eyes
That innocent look, that adorable smile
Takes you to blooming fields and enchanting places all worth your while.
Children playing in the dancing rains
Water splashes chiming in with their cheerful giggles.

There is wisdom when a child speaks
If only you would listen with your heart
It is in their innocence where positive outlooks lie
Without a tinge of evil or hidden agendas
Talking to a child is like a breath of fresh air!

In this world we live in
We at times neglect these little blessings from above
Considered angels by the heavens
But why do some have to suffer here on earth
No use blaming each other for it is poverty that makes people ill.

In a child’s eye, one can see hope
A bright promising future they all deserve to have
Blessed be the children of tomorrow
Give them moments worth remembering
For lives they have just borrowed from God.

Reach out to those needing our affection
Be the guiding light to those asking for your protection
Blessed be the children of tomorrow
The future generation is the future of a brand-new world!

Elizabeth E. Castillo Copyright 2013

***poem pic courtesy of African Children page

Published Books

                                                                                                                         (unavailable for purchase)

                                                                                                       Available Now On Amazon!


Welcome Poster for our upcoming Luna Galleria-Philippines TransMISSION International Virtual Art Exhibition from March 7-31, 2022. More than 140 artists from across the globe will showcase their masterpieces in this much-awaited international virtual art exhibition. Thanks so much, Luna Galleria for such a wonderful opportunity to share my artwork with the world and more power!

Castillo, Appointed As President of CIESART Headquarters-Philippines

Camara Internacional de Escritores y Artistas, Espana (International Chamber of Writers and Artists) is having its global expansion. Recently, Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo was appointed as the President of the Official CIESART Headquarters in the Philippines.
Castillo is a multi-awarded International Author/Poet/Visual Artist from the Philippines. A Doctor of Literature Nominee in 2019, she is the author of 2 books and a co-author to more than 100 international anthologies. Her works were already translated into 13 languages.
Dr. Marlon Gruezo and Dr. Sharon A. Villaverde were also appointed as Vice President and Executive Director, respectively.
                                                                                        🌹 🎉🎈April 19, 2022 – WE LOVE YOU ELIZABETH!!!🎈🎉🌹
My paintings “Flipper” and “Dona Espanola” are now on display at LeBlanc Hotel and Resort! “Flora & Fauna” ARTipolo Artists Exhibit opening tomorrow, May 14, Sunday. All are invited! 😉


                                                                                                               CIESART OFFICAL BOARD MEMBER
                                                A Portion Of Book Sales Will Go To Pakistan To Assist During These Times.

Ladies Who Launch & Project Hulmahan in corporation with the Bayanihang Marikenyo at Marikenya and the UP Artists Circle proudly present HOPE Lasts An art-driven mutual aid advocacy initiative in support of food security and sovereignty • livelihood • immediate disaster response. *Features Artwork By Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Happening today, December 25th, 2022! Symphony Online International Art Exhibit organized by Jyoti Kriti Art Organization, Jyoti Saini Si, Jyoti Saina Siddiqui Curator. Tune in to You Tube and Facebook at 6 P.M.
🌹🇵🇭Philippine Representative – Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, honored to be part of the Panorama International Arts & Sculpture Festival 2022 Exhibition (Athens, Greece)🇵🇭
of the Writers Capital Foundation! Inauguration will be on September 12-18, 2022 in Greece.
FIAG – Fantapia International Art Group
Raising the Philippine Flag! 🇵🇭 Elated to win First Place (Achievement in Audience Choice) for my artwork “Signora delle Rose” in Mixed Media in the International Art Exhibition “A World of Creativity and Diversity” organized by Liesel Cerna Studio based in Brazil! My thanks to dear Liesel Cerna and the Distinguished Jurors and International Curators! Many thanks to those who reacted to my artwork which were more than 50 likes! Congratulations to all!

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