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“Imaginative Strokes: A Creative Vista” to Be Staged by The Blanco Art Gallery in Angono, Rizal, Philippines

“Imaginative Strokes: A Creative Vista”” A National Museums and Galleries Month Offering of TBAG

By Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

“Imagination is an aspect that is an extension of creativity, which in turn is an extension of art. ” In line with the celebration of the National Museums and Galleries Month, TBAG (The Blanco Art Gallery) will be staging Ïmaginative Strokes: A Creative Vista”which will be kicking off this coming October 14 at 2 P.M.

Delve into the varied worlds of some of the talented Contemporary Artists of our present time where each brushstroke depicts a story. Stories weaved out of magic strokes and mixture of hues. From Realism to Surrealism and Abstraction, this year’s Participating Artists armed with their distinct signature art style, created masterpieces which became larger than life!

“Imaginative Strokes: A Creative Vista” is a fusion of exciting and lucrative crafts displaying multi-faceted Filipino Artistry at its finest.

Ignite your senses and fuel your imagination as you get to see each piece which will take you into the artist’s dreamy realm. With an array of cascading, titillating pieces, the audience will surely be captivated with the bursting bold and vivid colours with some as if coming straight from the artists’ dreams!

Participating Artists whose artworks will be featured in this group exhibit are: Anne Canceran, Anne Labesores, Aubrey Almiñana, Cherry DV Agoyaoy, Crisanto Antonio, Deg Francisco, Dikya, Elizabeth E. Castillo, Emil Cascabel, Eri Duñgo – Manaois, Eric Punzalan, Eunice Logro, Gretchen Villamor, Jaymee Liz Borja, Jennifer Baja, Joahna Bonifacio – Luna, Eric Salazar, Lar Datu Belunta, Lee Concepcion, Lehwa Gold, Lucila Gragera – Zara, M. Sta. Maria, Miles PS, Raffy Zapanta, Ramon Sediego, Reggie Lim, Renee Lynn Marquicias, Rowena Jasmin – Macahiya, Tates Estrella – Cannon, and VanPug.

Exhibit runs until December 31, 2023 at The Blanco Art Gallery, part of The Blanco Family Museum situated in the Art Capital of the Philippines, Angono Rizal.

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