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🌹✒️👗Fashion, Design & Poetry: Kurt Adams👖✒️🌹


“Often, Creatives have a myriad of talents, skills, & interests.”

Kurt Adams

Kurt Adams is the 8th child of ten children born to Christabelle Chinapoo and John Adams in a little village called Palo Seco.
I attended Palo Seco Government primary school. I then furthered my studies at
Fyzabad composite school (secondary), where I started the road of garment construction and style and design.
I then moved to a village called Quarry, also south Trinidad where I continued to pursue tailoring and garment construction at Siparia senior secondary school.
I would become 19 years old, at which time I moved to a City called Marebella, a bit closer to Central Trinidad, of which I would spend the next 17years of my life.
I would then pursue a dressmaking course at a school called VOS government primary school and continued subjects at pleasant Ville secondary school.
I have since moved back to the village of Palo Seco some 8 years ago, registered, and started my own business in the field of style and fashion design that surrounds both dressmaking and tailoring.
I am currently 45 years of age, single, owner and manager of JES KURT DEZYNS, loves designing and would love to be the next winner of project runway…🤗


Echoes from the Way……………………….  

Near the end of the road lie a place where it all began,

Am I saying there is a beginning where it all ends??

No. It’s simply showing you that it transcends at the end,

To a new beginning for the heart to make amend.

I would be in ‘deep’ high spirit had it not been for me,

The one who stands in my way is the one who should set me free.

Why, why would I not learn in taking responsibility,

The next step comes with much-needed melancholy.

I’ve found myself to one end confused, iffy, torn,

Is it over, am I moving, will this action make me mourn?

Which movement is faster up or down??

Which action is louder bawling or wearing a crown??

Only seek peace and thou will find,

In the burst of a heartbeat a moment divine.

I heard in his goodness I’ll move out the way,

The wondrous fulfillment in his Grace I’ll stay

I pray I pray, Father, help me step out the way.

By Kurt Adams


Trinidad and Tobago 60th anniversary Independence parade at the Queens park Savannah, Port of Spain. Held on the 31st of August, 2022.

Special Outfit Created For This Special Day

Deep blue skies painted blue and white,
Windy and cool even the sun is out,
I’m under a tree only the breeze I feel,
The sound of steel pan playing so gracefully as if telling us to have a great time today…
Many families came from near and far,
Some came with maxi, bus even car,
Some walking in with a smile on their face,
As they find a spot under the tree to rest their food and bags and settle down…
As time progressed I hear the sound of 1-2-3, go, as races began,
family laughter continues on the shore and in the water,
joy is brought to full light, siblings go after each other,
Sporting events continue, fun is almost too much…
Its a joy just telling this story as I see smiles, hugs, kisses, and laughter,
Produced right before my eyes,
A day at the beach can do this to any family,
So it’s with pleasure I share the loving tale of a day at the beach…

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