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Oku Onuora

“If reggae is a rhythm set to a poor man’s cry, then its most esoteric form -Dub Poetry – is that pain made lyrical. Dub poetry is more than just words and music, the melding together of the oral tradition of the African griot with the British love of dramatic recitation. Among the several Dub Poets performing today, Oku “Fire” Onuora is the most charismatic and passionate articulator of the “sufferah’s” grief and outrage.” -By Oku Onuora

Sai Wai

Sai Wai – New York Flavor Across The Globe Check Sai Wai Out On YouTube!
“Lone Samurai Masamune (Full Album)”
by Sai Wai
“The Ties That Bind”
by Sai Wai
“Les Quietes”
by Sai Wai
“Light In The Sky”
by Sai Wai

Richie Innocent

Richie Innocent
Winner of The Sarabita Certificate of Excellence Award (2019)
by Richie Innocent

Ras Atiba aka Emile Ivy

Zed Regal UK’s New Dancehall

“Suh Di Ting Guh!” – Zed Regal
Zed Regal

Brooklyn-Born, Jamaican Dancehall Music’s Shayy Soprano

Brooklyn Born, Upcoming Dancehall Artist Shayy Soprano. Artist Shayy Soprano is a talented and hard-working individual, confident in her potential for success in the music industry. She has already taken strides with performances/appearances at several shows such as DaveSummit, MajorStage, The World Indie Showcase, The Xtreme 104 FM stage, and Hot 97.1 FM concert and others. Embracing her Jamaican heritage, Shayy’s music reflects the rich Jamaican flavor ingrained in her DNA. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Music & Business Administration from York College and an Associate Degree in Theatre from Laguardia Community College, Shayy is well-prepared for her musical journey.She launched her recording career in 2020 with a feature on Bhri$2wavy’s single, “Bad Gyal,” alongside Rhandy Rover and in 2021 she debuted with her single “Temptation”, which set the tone for her as she continues to make strides in her artistic pursuit. The following year (2022) she released “Stay Inna Dis” which began her tour of Jamaica. Her latest single, “Best Life,” is currently available on all digital platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon Music. With her determination and passion, Shayy Soprano is poised to make a breakthrough in the music industry.“Best Life” is a track which aims to inspire others to believe in the extraordinary and embrace the possibilities that may seem beyond reach. Additionally, this single holds a special place in Shayy’s heart as it serves as a tribute to her beloved grandmother, who recently passed away. She not only instilled invaluable life lessons in Shayy’s life but also taught her how to navigate life’s challenges, ultimately guiding her to live her ‘’best’ life in her memory.

Jamaican Crooner Emmanuel Chin