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Creatives Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke

This Dynamic Duo Is Taking The World Of Creativity By Storm!!!

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke will be in Michigan for a couple of weeks before going east to CT, MA, NY.
While we are home we will be appearing at The Coffeehouse at All Saints in East Lansing on Aug 18. Ghostlight Theater in Hamtramck on Aug 19. Stray Cat Lounge in Clinton Twp. Then we go east. When we return we will be part of Bridgefest in Port Huron on Sep 9.” *Derived from Joe Kidd’s Official Page


“Bronx Book Fair promises to be a highlight of the poetry season. A cast of the most culturally alert and awake poets in the nation gathered collectively into 1 artistic voice. Sheila Burke and Joe Kidd are supremely excited to join forces in this annual event. We recognize the great work of Poets Network & Exchange in creating, developing, and promoting this world class presentation. Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke are in the circle. More to follow on this historic event.” – From The Page of Joe Kidd

Books & Publications: The Water Hole

Everybody Has A Purpose

Nashville Rain (Live 2022)

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