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Creative Poet Nina Al- Sartawi aka Hind Al – Hamali (Libya)

The poet Nina Al- Sartawi her real name is Hind Al – Hamali from Libya. She writes many genres like short stories, prose, and all modern poetry of Japanese origin, Haiku, Tanks of all kinds- Hyebon- Nano . She translates different’s languages work in English.
Here are some her publications,

* Owner of a French Arabic paper book
(My soul did not bloom)
It has many publications of e-books, the most important of which are:
▪ About the Maghreb Club
book (the wind hissing)
▪ About the Arab Haiku Club
The book ( I am the Clay) in Arabic and English
▪ (The Bride of the Void) in Arabic and Russian
▪ (flying saucers) haiku science fiction
▪ (Animoni, flower of the wind) Haiku and Tanka
And other translated posts for many languages of the world.


Who are your favourite living poets?

The wonderful poet Wasini Al-Araj from Algeria,
The great poet and linguist Abdul Rahman Abu Tayeb from Morocco,
The creative Jordanian poet Mahmoud Al-Rajabi from Jordan,
Poet and creative proofreader Paul Callus from Malta,
The wonderful mother poet Luisangela Butti from Italy,
The wonderful mother poet Ljubica Šporčić from Croatia,
The wonderful poet, my teacher, Mustafa Juma, from Libya,
The beautiful teacher, Nima Al-Fitouri, from Libya,
My close friend, the poet Dr. Abd al-Rahman al-Jaidi, from Libya,
The gentle young poet Ali al-Mansouri from Libya,
Analyst, thinker and writer my wonderful friend
Ghifara Fars Maao from Syria,
Late friend poet Velimir Siljanoski from Serbia,
The creative professor Salam Al-Sayed from Iraq,
The poet, the friend, my teacher, Reda Didani, from Algeria,
The wonderful poet Mayser Abu Gaza from Jordan,
Dear poet Olfa Kchouk Bouhadida from Tunisia, and
Dear poet my friend Shahid Abbas from Pakistan,
There are a lot of interesting personalities.
My heartfelt greetings to every transparent poet ❤️🙏

■ Tell us about some of the books you’ve enjoyed in the past year.

I read a lot of the translated books I can buy.
I love sentimental novels and philosophical books very much and books about life and psychology, and I cannot stop reading in one day, because it always brings me happiness and reduces the harshness of reality.
Among these books:
▪︎ (Divan of Love and Betrayal)
by German author Harald Hartung
▪︎ (divorce from desires)
Authored by Hans Magnus Antensberger
▪︎ (nightingale under the snow)
By Anna Maria Schimmel
▪︎ Novel (Demian)
Authored by Hermann Hesse

■ Have you ever had a work rejected?
I cannot name what the other doesn’t like, maybe it depends on one’s taste acceptance, reading, or perhaps a mood that differs from one follower to another.

■Can you give any advice to someone wanting to write and publish poetry?

I think I’m still learning a lot about poetry every day, and every poet should feel this. I can only give notes to those who have the perfect spirit in dealing with others. For example, to stay away from used words and be devoid of any feeling or surprise. There is also what I call the plot of the text. We must write without fake spaces or borrowed details. Writing is a translation of the language of the soul, and this alphabet is not well mastered by many who practice literature, and this is very unfortunate.

And at the end of this wonderful press conference
with my friend, the ambitious and brilliant poet Shahid Abbas, I thank him very much for giving me this opportunity to convey my words, to world literature and in communications with great personalities in the USA – and to {P.L.O.T.S.}~Creatives Magazine for the invitation. I also hope for permanent cooperation between us.


( إبنة الفراغ )

لاشيء ……
أشعر أنني خلقت له
في الركن المبعد من الوجد
الغروب طول اليوم
بينما أنام والرجفة
لاشيء كالاشيء …
يحبني !!
لا شيء يلملمني !!!
لاشيء يوثق حتى ظلي !!!!!
إبنة من انا أيها الفرااااااااغ ؟؟؟

يحبني ..لايحبني
لاربيع بعد اليوم
هيت لك يافرااااااغ !!

أخلقت للاشيء
إبنة من انا
أيها الفراغ ؟
(Daughter of the void)

no thing ……
I feel like I created him
In the faraway corner of the soul
sunset all day
While I sleep and shiver
nothing like nothing…
he loves me!!
Nothing beats me!!!
Nothing trusts even my shadow!!!!!
Daughter of who am I, O vacuum ???

He loves me..he doesn’t love me
No spring after today
I am your emptiness

created for nothing
Daughter of who am I,
O vacuum ?


( قيامة الظل )

تذاكر ..تذاكر
الخشخشة تتساقط لحفيف أصفر
وخطوة ظلي الباهت تتلعثم
من فرط الشوق لشوق
تهذي بك !
ويكأن ال هو … أنت
نتشبث معآ بشرود
يمثلني !!
اصمت ونبضي يصخب للبعيد
في فسح متاحة لي وله
يسكنها الحب
بعضي وبعضه في لهفة !!!
والهمسات الخفيفة تتورط بالعبور
تثير الريح لتذبل شيئآ فشيئآ
كذبآ …. من وإلى الخواء
يا أيها النسج المعتم مني
دعنا نحيا بلا تخل
نتعاظم بوصل
نشرق ونشرق للقتام
تقرأني وأقرؤك
دونما ملل ..!!!!
تنبض بي وأنبض بك
كإرتجافات صغيرة ….!!!!
ننسكب في لازمة غروب عائد
بفجر ذكرى …. !!!!!
نتذاكر اللحظ الشغوف
فنعرج كدفق آت .. باق
وغيره المسافة ..!!!!
تنهض سريعآ
قيامة الظل ……..

فسح متاحة
ببعضي وبعض ظلي لهف
من وإلى الخواء

نسيج معتم
يتعاظم بوصل
لقتام نشرق

لحظ شغوف
كدفق آت..باق تنهض
قيامة الظل
(shadow resurrection)
The crackle is falling to a yellow rustle
And the step of my pale shadow falters
Excessive longing for longing
cheer you up!
And if the he is… you
We cling together
represents me!!
Shut up and my pulse roars for the far
In clearing is available to me and him
inhabited by love
Some of me and some in eagerness!!!
And light whispers get involved in crossing
The wind stirs to wither little by little
A lie… from and to the emptiness
O you dark weave of me
Let’s live without giving up
we grow up
We rise and we rise to the dark
You read me and I read you
Without boredom..!!!!
Beat me and beat you
Like little tremors…!!!!
We spill in the crisis of a return sunset
With the dawn of a memory….!!!!
We remember the passionate moment
We limp like a coming stream.. it stays
And other distance..!!!!
get up fast
Shadow Resurrection…….

clearing is available
With some of me and some of my shadows eager
From and to the void

opaque texture
growing compass
to make us rise

Passionate moment
Like a stream coming.. you keep getting up Shadow Resurrection


( جنة الظلال )

أخالها الشروقات ؛
من يكتب النهايات الناضجة
حتى الغروب أصبح يشرق للبعيد
صمت صاخب يعلق بالفراغ
يرغمني أن أنصت له
الغريب أن ينشد ما يدندنه نبضي
فأرقص بدوني !!
وكأنني في جنة الظلال
ما هذه المدخلات الوحيدة ؟
تصيبني بالهوس
أشعر أني أحتضنني
ثم أتلاشى وأتلاشي .. بي .

نهايات ناضجة
في جعبة الشروق
يشرق للبعيد

صمت صاخب
يعلق بالفراغ

(paradise of shadows)

I call her sunrises;
Who writes mature endings?
Even the sunset is shining far away
A loud silence hangs in the void
He forces me to listen to him
It is strange that he sings what my pulse hums
Dance without me!!
Like I’m in a paradise of shadows
What are these only inputs?
Makes me crazy
I feel like I’m being hugged
Then I fade and vanish… me.

mature ends
In the sunrise quiver
shining far

loud silence
stuck in the void
appeals to me


( ربيع حلم )

في ربيع الأحلام
يختلط الذبول مع الزهور
كأن جدائل الظلال تستلقي على الغروب المبكر
تلون تضاريس روح الشوق
الحلم يمضي إلى العتمة
والقمر يشق بوميضه الأفق الداكنة
سكون مطبق
هالة روح على رصيف الليل
تصاعد الأنفاس مع الريح المتعبة
حدث ما يأخذ نبضي بعيدآ
ربما نذير وصولك
قطرات ندى تطرق الشرفة المنعزلة
أنا في إنتظارك
في الدروب الوعرة
حيث تزهر كلماتي …….

ربيع حلم
مع الزهر
مزج ذابل

غروب مبكر
جدائل الظلال تستلقي
تصبغ روح الشوق

سكون مطبق
هالة روح على رصيف الليل
تصاعد الأنفاس

ريح متعبة
حدث ما يأخذ نبضي
بعيدآ …..

نذير شوق
قطرات الندى تطرق
الشرفة المنعزلة

( Spring of dream )

In the spring of dreams
wilt mingles with flowers
As if the strands of shadows lie upon the early sunset,
Color the terrain of the soul of longing
The dream goes into the dark
And the moon blazes through the dark horizon
perfect stillness
The aura of a soul on the pier at night
Breath rising with the tired wind
Something happened that took my pulse away
Perhaps a harbinger of your arrival
Dew drops hitting the secluded balcony
I am waiting for you
In the rugged paths
Where my words bloom…….

spring of dream
with flowers
wilting blending

early sunset
strands of shadows lie down
pigmentation the soul of longing

perfect stillness
The aura of a soul on the night pier
rising breaths

tired wind
Something that takes my heart
Away …..

harbinger of longing
Dew drops knocking
the secluded balcony

The Poet Nina Al- Sartawi aka Hind Al – Hamali (Libya).

Interview By Shahid Abbas
Vice-President/Contributor/ Magazine Ambassador (Pakistan)

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