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Creative Poet: Kathy Figueroa’s Poetry Reading (Canada)

*This is an invitation for local folks to attend my upcoming poetry reading at the Carlow/Mayo Public Library, on Saturday, starting at 1:00 p.m. I’ll be sharing work from my new book, “Canadian Pandemic-Era Poems.”

Because this new collection includes references to gardening, including photos of my “pandemic lock-down” display garden project in Cardiff, as well as the one I put together last year in Bancroft, I’ll also be discussing my techniques for successfully creating perennial container gardens.

Additionally, I’ll be bringing half a dozen small pots of daylilies to give away free to the first six attendees. (Yes, this is an inducement for folks to make the trip way out to Hermon, in Carlow-Mayo Township.) 😉

I hope to see some local folks there. 🙂

*Shared From The Page Of Kathy Figueroa

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