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Creative Poet: Jimmy Ray Davis

“The awesomeness of Jimmy Ray, is beyond words. Not only is his Poetry FANTASTIC, he has the style, personality, voice, character, & Soul to match. He’s a Creative that we need to pay attention to. Jimmy Ray Davis, is a rare, top-level Poet. I haven’t seen one as good in a very longtime. One word to describe him?…”WHOA!!!” Yeah, that about explains it.” ~ Maxwanette A Poetess aka Maxine A. Moncrieffe Owner/Founder/Editor-in-chief Poetry, Language Of The Soul {P.L.O.T.S.}~Creatives Magazine


Darkness permeates everything. I navigate these nether realms, mining their secrets, uncovering gems of light and rays of hope. Taking them to my machine shop, I craft them into emotions, characters, stories and worlds to captivate you with my imagination, my soul. Take my hand, it will be one hell of a ride.

I will fight and use my voice to uncover and expose corruption and greed, racism and hate. I speak for those who cannot because they still deserve a voice.

Jimmy Ray Davis, The Wordmachinist is a writer, poet, spoken word artist, singer, emcee and lover of all with compassion in their hearts. Born in California and residing in Sin City, he works tirelessly on a multitude of ongoing projects and is always writing.

The Lonesome death of Rasheem Carter


The Lonesome death of Rasheem Carter

Rasheem Carter was murdered by cowards.
In a wooded area just south of Taylorsville.
His body parts spread where they could be lost.
The top of his skull cleanly cut off
Doomed from the start simply for being
darker of skin, his last text he was pleading.
Messaged his mom with anxiety and fear.
Three trucks of white men were drawing near.

But, what happened to him?
Will we ever know?
Vile deeds are going down,
What is reaped will be sown.

Rasheem Carter was a restaurant owner.
An intelligent young man, and a dear father.
Working a job contract to restart his business.
Just doing what he could to try to stay blessed.
But William Zantzinger will rear up his head.
to make sure that all the Hattie Carolls are dead.
We talk about the steps forward we’ve come
but no one seems to count the backward ones

But what happened to him?
Willl we ever know?
Brutal injustices they are afoot,
That which is reaped, will be sown.

Sheriff spoke through his throat deeply with vigor.
About how the cops had done all in their power.
How his bones must have been scattered by beasts.
Taking weeks to identify though they had his wallet and keys.
Ignoring the texts and calls to his mother
as if it would really be somehow a bother.
Tiffany Carter and family still have no answers
as authorities dodge the truth like sinister dancers.
Sean Tindell accuses Ben Crump of division.
But Tindell’s cohorts are imbued with racist affliction.
Too many inconsistencies just don’t seem to add up
No excuse for a police force that has gone corrupt.
Our tears of frustration came at the end of the day
When Sheriff Joel Houston uttered the words…

“no foul play.”

But what happened to him?
I think we all know
Time to end this modern day mob.
That which is reaped, will be sown.

Jimmy Ray Davis
Wordmachinist Publishing
All rights reserved.

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Creative Poet: Jimmy Ray Davis

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