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Creative MissTee IzQueen

Tee Tall aka MissTee is a Registered Nurse by Profession, Advocate, Humanitarian, and acknowledged acclaimed Writer/Poetess by Passion. Her poetry is featured online @ MissTee IzQueen Poetess. She has 5 yrs of experience with Creating, Hosting, and Program Directing on Satellite Radio. She is also an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker who looks forward to bringing out the Best in individuals and society as a whole.


You give my eyes a beautiful surprise
From sunset to sunrise…here’s why

My heart is stroked by waves of hope
Colors are so rich with delicate detailed rainbow ropes
Clear cascades
From Iceland to Israel, Italy, Africa, and All 50 United States
Paradise’s still visible like canvas paint

You take me with you through your lens
Splash and sparkles come blowing in the wind
Calming the roaring rapids
This solace ..I gotta have it
My God sure knows beauty
For other gods..destruction is their duty

Hear me fully through the my wrist flicks
Here is a hug and a kiss kiss
Natural Elements
No evolutionary coincidence

RISE and see all that it should be
Your good night is my good morning
My good morning is your good night
When we share it makes everything alright
Glorious and amazing
Cherished captured cravings
Glad to know where to go
Whenever I need a little more

Peace..tranquility & serenity
We are made in his image
Mother earth and all her provisions
That is the ultimate vision
Thank U for the share
Thanks to The Most High who is everywhere
Providing a way to get by
Enjoying this life before the next ride

Release what’s making you sick
Time to get on with it
#OneLove# #TwoGloves# #HisAndHers#

MissTee IzQueen
The thunder outside announced itself followed by the drizzling of the rain
Everything else is quiet, let me fluff out this crown that reigns
Salute to all the people who doing what they said they would do
Giving what it takes to be the best version of you
This season is near its end before Spring Equinox arrives
I’m a Aprils Fool because I know that’s the real New Year, not a lie

In the jungle, there’s an opening with a clear view
A magnetic field outside of the body stirs the brew
Simple glorious eccentric and wise
Standing front and center while the things on the ground collide
She hears divine council for the inevitable disappointments
Finds comfort in the pleasures of life and the things that make good sense

If your downloads come in rapidly then you can only slow yourself down
Have a presence and appreciation for all that has already been done, smiles have no sound
An ongoing evolution of a work in progress is better than none
Expanded extensions into gentle strokes will bring joy to the soul and then some
The creation process is beautiful, infinite, and unique
Create a life that you love and you’ll feel complete
The wind blows air up the mountain and it cools off as it begins to rise
The Storm can come from many angles but it’s not such a storm when you’re up high

MissTee Poetry
Art by; Nesrox

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