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Creative LaVan Robinson

Larry Richardson/LaVan Robinson/LaLa the Poet

“I’m a poet and author of 8 books of poetry. I’m a 13 year veteran of the military. I have a 37 year old son. I’m the eldest of 11 brothers and sisters. I chose poetry because poetry chose me.”


Gospel Of Love: Living in a world where the end result of selfish behavior is full blown stupidity and crisis. Everyone looking to get ahead and surviving by any means necessary as the corrupt and evil governmental politicians are willing and because of power are able to employ such cruelty, hatred, intimidation and violence of monstrous devices. A narrative where neighbors are willing because of their greed and affiliations to the beast feel as though they’re truly above all other creations. Standing boldly on the notion thst ‘if I can’t have this land then I’ll bomb it until complete destruction happens and no one will have it.’ Now where’s the logic in this? While here at home or should I say my place of known residence ‘America’, I’m caught constantly in the onslaught of msss confusion and hysterica. They would wipe the slate clean of those who have accrued student loan debt to zero but willing without debate send billions of our hard earned taxpayers dollars to other countries of their concern and priority to help with the so called rebuilding’ and they’re known as being called hero. Now where’s the logic In this ? If the leaders of this country can somehow find a way or pull money out of a hat, then why can’t they honor their obligations and give reparations? Instead they rather force oppression down your throat continuously to the point of saturation. Now where’s the logic in this? I’m placed between a rock and a hard place because I can’t go back to my homeland. I’m stuck here in a county my ancestors built with the sacrifices of blood, sweat and tears and still consider less than a man or treated not as a human. Now where’s the logic in this ? There’s so many issues thst need to be dealt with and fixed as soon as yesterday. Those in power stand to lose a lot if not all if we are showered in the immense empowerment of knowledge of self in which many have died in the pursuit of the fruits of liberty somewhere along the way look down at the road you standing on where their bodies were freely given up and have laid. Love is the only principle that can give us the liberty we each deserve. Let’s allow it’s powerful presence to make the sacrifices worth it as we together as one stand tall singing the gospel of love in its entirety so each and every voice can be surely included and heard.11-05-23.©️ LaVan Robinson. Thank you 🙏🏿 God and blessings to you and yours

Reigniting: I being one of the dimmed lights in the immense universal constellation of despair and loneliness. To receive the blessings of the reigniting of my flame when approached with this possibility, I wanted to be more than just adorned with fullness of preparation of true love’s awakening of self through the divine presence of its powerful force and greatness. I wanted to be able to give back wholeheartedly in return of fullness what was being bestowed upon my heart and soul in perspective to its freedom and empowerment. You were the ultimate gift and prize of my inspiration in the angelic formation of beauty In grand spectacle and manifestation of raw compassion and commitment. Now you’re the only subject that’s constantly on my conscious mind. Although the search for you and your love was and seemed long and tedious, it was worth the find. The debt I owe you and the heavens above and to fulfill the promise every moment of my life, I will be so forever grateful, humbled and appreciative to the reigniting of my intimacy and desires now until the very end of time. 11-03-23©️LaVan Robinson. Thank you 🙏🏿 God and blessings to you and yours

Bombs, Bodies And Blood: The war machine on our landscape is in full trajectory and play. Life has we all have known it has with time has slipped away. Along with the other vital issues that plague our planet and society. Only feeding the hungry beast insatiable hunger is the number one priority. War going on over there, war going on over here where it ends up next is the let’s wait and see. Souls are truly discarded like trash or something else mighty worse. It seems what war leaves upon the hearts and souls of humanity such bitterly, divided and isolated people caught up in its brutality and evil curse. The boyz in political power and arena are sparring over what they deem is right in their pursuit for survival of the fittest it seems to be. I’m just hoping to wake up only to find it was just a horrible dream. As millions of people are out here in reality struggling just to make it through another day, minute, hour, second. There is much on their shoulders and not on theirs and family members plates this is a dilemma that has to be resolved I reckon. This I don’t quite get it even understand is why for basic necessities that we need, to find the money for it the insane governmental political parties seem to be always around fumbling but for war and their agenda they come up right away without bickering with the massive funding? Despite all this that is truly happening now, you must continue to believe soon it’ll get better and not let it get you down. Love will conquer hate and war will be put to an end and be no more being nipped right in the bud. Unfortunately until that very hour, the land of ours now is heavily saturated with the nature of selfishness, hatred and destruction along with the residual effects of bombs, bodies and blood. 10-21-23.©️LaVan Robinson. Thank you 🙏🏿 God and blessings to you and yours

Intimacy And Curiosity: We cheerfully play on the white exotic sands of our imagination’s passion and heated desires manifested from and of the embodiment of love’s signature and identity. The spectacle of the oceans waves crashing softly against the walls of our taw unconsciousness engulfs our spiritual, mental and physical being in its powerful expression of pure creativity. We leave our erotic impressions as a trademark of our natural habitat in the wildness of our divine environment of the liberation and of the fullness of satisfaction of our intimacy and curiosity. 11-07-23.©️LaVan Robinson. Thank you 🙏🏿 God and blessings to you and yours

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  1. Congratulations Author Larry Richardson/LaVan Robinson/LaLa the Poet,
    so very proud of all of your global accomplishments; never stop inking!!!

    International Author Reneé Drummond-Brown, MA, BS, AA.,
    (Renee’s Poems with Wings are Words in Flight!).

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