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Creative Joscephine Gomez (Phillipines)

JOSCEPHINE GOMEZ (Philippines) – Known as the Philippines’ modern renaissance woman, Joscephine Gomez is the author and lecturer of 36 short courses in both verbal and non- verbal communication, speech and voice; a classical singer, a visual artist, a filmmaker, a theater actor, language educator, a print and broadcast journalist, a Voice Therapy and Rehabilitation specialist, a language educator, book co-author, editor and translator and a multi-awarded poet whose works have been included in nine international anthologies. Most importantly, she teaches Dharma.

She pioneered Voice Therapy and Rehabilitation in the Philippines as an Allied Medical Practice and founded the country’s first center for the treatment of voice disorders, transient disability and vocal deficiency.

In 1995, she founded The Corporate Mind Management Consultancy and Training Company , a company that has trained hundreds of corporate executives, lawyers, doctors, professors, architects and training and sales professionals.

She is also a broadcast journalist who has hosted regular talk shows in four radio stations – DWBR, DZAR, DWSS, DZXQ and in one TV station – Global News Network.

In her youth, she worked as a reporter for the Economic Monitor and the Business Day (now the Business World. She has written feature articles in almost all established newspapers and magazines in the Philippines. She was the music performance critic of the Daily Express and ran a regular medical column for Miscellaneous Magazine in the 90s and a community newspaper more recently.

As a language educator, she was Director of Dai-ichi Language Academy. She taught English and Japanese in the biggest communication institute in Europe and was head of the Language, and Communication Department of the world’s largest monastic university in 2017.

Joscephine Gomez has edited five books that include FACING CANCER published by the Philippine Oncology Society and a Dharma book soon to be launched in India.
She directed the films “Delirium at Twilight” and “Gong” and many musical productions.

A multi-awarded visual artist, she has had six successful solo exhibits, has been included in seven international virtual exhibitions and 55 group shows in the Philippines.

As a solo classical concert singer singing in ten languages, she has given around fifty solo concerts and around 500 performances locally and internationally.

The renaissance woman studied ten languages and speaks six of them fluently.

In November 2022, she founded the international groups PRINCIPLED WRITERS’ GROUP and the World Fine Arts Society of which she is also Chief Administrator.

Joscephine Gomez is the Philippines’ longest survivor of cancer. #

By Joscephine Gomez , PHILIPPINES

A reflection of your physique can be seen in a mirror,
A perfect mirror should show an image as it is,
Be it bevelled or not, as long as it is perfect,
And nothing causes distortion or a wrong effect.

Because what you do unto others comes back to you,
How others treat you is a mirror, too,
Showing what you’ve done, how you’ve done,
Speech and actions in past years and past lives.

A woman sincere and true, upright and righteous,
Others sometimes refuse to choose,
As in her correctness, their inadequacies
Are mirrored and it pains them to see their follies.

Mirrors assist you in grooming,
Even your diet controlling,
Mirrors tell your day make-up is better worn at night,
Mirrors are avoided by fools,
who’d rather live in an illusion.

ni Joscephine Gomez

Ang iyong pangangatawa’y masasalamin,
Ipinapakita ang iyong hitsura ng perpektong salamin,
Anumang uri ito basta’t ito’y perpekto,
Di nagsisinungaling at walang maling epekto.

Dahil babalik rin sa ‘yo, lahat ng iyong gawin,
Sumasalamin sa ‘yo, kung paano ka tratuhin,
Ipinakikita kung ano’ng iyong ginawa at paano ka nabuhay,
Mga sinabi”t ginawa mo sa buhay ngayon at sa nagdaan mong mga buhay.

Ang isang babaeng tapat at totoo,
Di ginugusto ng ibang di tuwid at wasto,
Dahil sa kanyang mga katangian,
Nasasalamin nila kanilang kakulangan.

Ang salami’y tumutulong sa pagbibihis ng sarili,
Sinasabi kung make-up mo’y mas bagay sa gabi,
Salami’y iniiwasan ng mga hibang at ma-emosyon,
Na mas gustong mabuhay sa kanilang ilusyon.

Joscephine Gomez (Phillipines)

*Submitted by Ilona Lakatos – Magazine International PR Consultant (IPRC), & CPS International Gallery Manager

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