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Creative DeAndre Blackknight (Blck9ght) Oliver


DeAndre’ “Blck9ght” Oliver: A Life in Harmony

Born on April 25, 50 years ago, in Detroit, Michigan, I, DeAndre’ Oliver, stand at the crossroads of my life’s journey. Raised by a strong single mother, my early years were marked by the absence of an unknown father, yet that void didn’t define me but rather fueled my determination to forge my path.

Standing at 5′ 7″, my journey through life has been guided by the steadfast determination of a Taurus, grounded, persistent, and resilient. My relationship status has evolved over the years, transitioning from marriage to now dating, and I’ve become a loving father to two wonderful boys aged 21 and 17.

In my current relationship, my vision centers on vulnerability, transparency, and intention. I believe that love should not be a source of sadness in our lives, and the key to this is focusing on the present and cherishing the joy and gratitude that each day brings. My relationship philosophy revolves around building each other up, offering a safe haven in each other’s presence, and ensuring that love remains a source of meaning in our lives.

Professionally, I serve as a Railroad Operations Manager, a role that reflects my commitment to precision and organization. My religious doctrine, if you can call it that, is “Love,” a universal force that transcends boundaries and beliefs.

Beyond the realm of work and relationships, my greatest passions encompass a rich tapestry of interests. I find solace and expression in writing within my journal, reading, exploring poetry and philosophy, and delving into the realms of Buddhism. The art of cooking, coupled with a love for photography, music, and anime, brings color to my life.

As an individual who values physical and mental well-being, I find comfort in activities like walking, running, Zen meditation, and martial arts. These activities help me maintain a sense of balance and inner harmony.

I would describe myself as quietly reserved, deeply curious, and intensely feeling. My sensitivity, coupled with my intuitive nature, guides my journey, while universal signs and synchronicities provide a deeper layer of meaning to my experiences.

As a father, brother, and friend, I embody a spiritual, non-religious being navigating the paradoxical duality of light and darkness. My mind thirsts for knowledge and self-understanding, while my heart pulses with the rhythm of love, healing from past wounds.

Financially stable, I am not confined by geographic boundaries in my quest for meaningful connections. My ideal relationship is one that blossoms into a partnership, founded on friendship and compatibility.

However, I’m highly selective in my pursuits and have little patience for chaotic challenges. My life is a testament to self-built success, and I cherish the peace and tranquility that living alone affords.

In the realm of books, my top five favorites include “The Alchemist,” “As a Man Thinketh,” “The Gifts of Imperfection,” “The Four Agreements,” and “Mastery of Love.”

Lastly, I hold a strong stance on deal breakers, including smoking, negativity, chaos, drama, and insecurities. I value a partner who respects our relationship enough not to seek unwarranted attention from others.

My life journey continues, as I embrace each day with openness, positivity, and the enduring belief that love is my destined path. Therefore, although there’s other subjects, this passion is mostly what I write about.

“Binary Beats”

Boom! Boom!
Boom! Boom!
Boom! Boom!

As I consciously drift beyond the imaginative concepts of intercosmic reality; magically my celestial visions carry me within the incandescent darkness of my carnal desires between the impassioned dreams and emotional nightmares of you riding off into the sunset with my essence on your lips; stolen with just one kiss.

With just one kiss I began throbbing with anticipation to feel the warmth of your poetry consume every inch of my abstinent pleasure, burying my intellect deep inside the treasure of your sweet caramel indulgence. Burning incense, hovering as our bodies float, suspended animation with every stroke; feeling your wisdom tightly wrapped around my mind as you bare down and engrave your initial into my flesh.

Embrace… Undress…

With no rest we continue a heated exchange of astral influenced destiny as the moans and screams of passionate echoes within the secret garden of photographic walls. Together we fall rising deeper… harder… slower… faster into the mystical clairvoyance of divine intimacy, increasing intensity with each and every line, lyric and thrust of unrestrained trust, our emotions combust and erupt like hot flowing lava destroying expectations, streaming into reality as we melt and merge into one complete soul.

In control, yet out of control, our tongues dance and our bodies fuse into a tantric inferno of divine heavenly vibrations; a mental intoxication, constructing illustrious dedications to our predestined gratification of intellectual metaphors that impregnate articulate vocal chords, flowing with harmonic ultrasounds of a heart felt rapture; captured and releasing the energy of our body’s incarnation to thunderous frequency palpitations, pulsating….

Pulsating on one continuous unified and customized beat.

Boom! Boom!
Boom! Boom!
Boom! Boom!

~DeAndre Blackknight Oliver
“It’s ah…”

It’s Ah midnight conversation til 4 in the morning;
It’s Ah moonlight sonata that keeps you yearning.

It’s Ah turning, Ah burning of insatiable fire; set a blaze with six hundred and thirty-nine hertz of desire.

Higher and higher we rise, throwing inhibition to the wind;
Before we be cum lovers, we first become best friends.

It’s Ah twin vibration, Ah connection, Ah rhyme.
It seems like distance doesn’t exist, and neither does time.

Is it a crime that I want you, mind, body and soul;?
Is it a crime that I want you to want me in that same exact role?

In that same capacity and voracity with tenacity.
I’ll give you all that I AM, and everything that I will be.

It’s Ah embrace felt three hundred and 69 degrees apart; longing to consume you and your succulent art.

But first we will share tantric energy sensations;
And travel beyond spiritual constellations.

Our destination, a relationship with no confusion or jive;
Just plenty of love, passion, and fusion to make it thrive.

~DeAndre Blackknight Oliver

To see your thoughts as dreams, but to know that your dreams are not your experience, they are only the echoes, vibrations and wisdom of alternate realities.

Multiple personalities conjoined and split between intellect and passion, thinking and feeling, wanting and needing; misreading the signs of intuition by the fear and knowledge of your illuminating past, reacting not to what is, but rather a perceptional forecast.

An overcast of analytical visions, internal formless mysteries, incomprehensible unless stripped and clothed in tangible degrees.

Fairweather breeze the synchronicity of joy and fear intertwined; running through interdimensional doors, leaving subtle breadcrumbs behind.

Rewinding events of carousel rides with ups and downs, goin’ round and round and round and round.

A frown painted smile, it’s been a while, since we believed in something, or someone, anyone other than ourselves; a forgotten love story on hidden bookshelves, conquered by dust and captured cobwebs.

Single red threads, stretched tangled, embraced the seams of broken chapters with the endings erased; graced with traces of semicolon tattoos, introducing the main characters with mnemonic meet-cutes.

A muse of inspiration held time after time, in every universal existence the second hand unwinds, to focus on still moments of mind and the rising breath of gravity falls.

A total recall of future expectations, as we travel the galaxies of quantum creation.

A relation ship that only holds two perfectly flawed interstellar beings, a Goddess and God, a shield and a rod, a lock and a key; love merged with fate is destined to be.

Amor fati, an idle silent resolve, standing still in ceaseless flow, without a riddle to solve. Devolved nostalgia buried deep, yet ever present, existing nowhere, yet everywhere; it isn’t a scent, taste, touch or sound, or maybe it is, hmm divinely profound architectural design of life and death being within the realm of metaphysical abstract concepts to be completely human.

To feel everything. To give, to take, to laugh, to cry, to get lost, to be found, to lust, to love, to sing to dance and take a chance to experience our thoughts of visions unseen, to fall in love with the idea and live only the dream.

~DeAndre Blackknight Oliver

As I enter a new level of interpenetrating dimensions; a clearer, wider perspective of quantum realities envelop my atmosphere, escorting a vast halo of emotions surrounding my thoughts with music that resonates and echoes the frequency of my reverberating heart.

Like a song of constellations, the illuminating stars stream conscious melodies and harmonics of incubated concepts, creating a catalytic release of profound sexual chemistry and spiritual connection.

A projection of emotions that are the quintessence of romantic love and intimate desire; reminds me that I am not who I think I need to be, I AM that I AM and everything I should be with sensitivity and gentleness on fire.

This is why I give myself entirely…,

Courage and vulnerability are my deepest form of worship.
For when I look into her eyes, I know I am gazing into the unbounded light of a goddess; a lioness whose name has got to be Oshun.

In full bloom a rose by any other name is much more than just a flower; she is the ethereal expression of feminine royalty, wrapped in magical melanin power.

The finest hour being transported and transformed as the metaphysics of heaven and earth become one; she is the Queen of twenty thousand moons, and I am king of the rising sun.

Amun Ra, floating on air, barely aware of the existence of distance, the continuum of space and time; a metaphoric rhyme piercing the thermal equilibrium of two souls entwined.

With combined unity of breath and equanimity, she recites divine poetry lines that calls you to read between the mind’s mystery of transcendental knowledge and the overstanding chrysalis of identity defined.

A clairvoyant astral climb elevated beyond what is seen, felt and heard; a fiery bird resurrected, emerging from the ashes of heartache and growing pains; burning dopamine strains of stimulating sativa.

An interstellar nebula; heart cloud of nine is where you will find a tangible bond of friendship and love no longer soaring alone.


I will create as I speak,

“Honey I AM…,


~DeAndre Blackknight Oliver

Everything unfolds at its own Pace.

Knowledge, understanding, wisdom, growth, love, and life all are born and unveiled in it’s on time and season.

We believe in the future, yet we forget the importance of cultivating the weeds of the past and composting those lessons to provide nourishment for the gift of today.

Ego is in our way.


The who? Is always I.
The what? Is in constant flux.
The when? Is tomorrow’s sin.
The where? Is anywhere but here.
The why? Is a million variations with one perfect commonality..,

The imperfection of humanity, and our deep penetrating philosophy of eternal life within the organized indoctrination of god.

The complexity of this infinity is the scales of darkness and light experiencing reality, within the 7 colors of the rainbow vibrating to the frequency of musical spheres in our souls inner melody of love.

As above so it is below this impermanent and constant flow; between the various manifestations of matter, energy, spirit and mind, we find ourselves inside a corporeal vessel of evolution with no celestial memories of existence beyond thoughts and feelings.

Time revealing that our sense of self which has been formed and constructed out of our own ideas, beliefs and images, is not really who we are.

We are the stars in a cosmos of mysteries, we are the chords of air and frets of fire, we are the solar spectrum of harmonic, galactic symphony, we are the vibration and the frequency.

We are the locks and the keys to the greatest of all treasures;

Divine Truth and Absolute Love.

~DeAndre Blackknight Oliver

In the merging of two souls, she awakens the wisdom of his masculinity to experience the knowledge and beauty of her femininity; for it is by means of divinity and her cosmic intimacy that he finds courage to stand naked with gratefulness, intention and vulnerability.

Unconditionally he pours from the abundance of his own soul and in the process, unlocks the floodgates to the river of adoration that she pours into to him from her open heart.

A work of art, for he has made her a part of himself, and as so, he protects her spirit as he would his very own.

Two crowns, one throne collaborating, intellectually discovering, and elevating the consciousness of each other to higher dimensions through portals of mental, spiritual and sexual vibrations joined on one accord.

Beautifully adored, sacred and safe, he can relate to the wounds and walls tumbling down as friendship builds a new, stronger foundation, connection, chemistry and devotion.

Kissed and dipped in the vast ocean, the motion of clairvoyant, astral out of body sensations, streaming back and forth as the one gives the other receives, receives and the other gives, like a tidal wave of intimate constellations awakened by the cascading offering of togetherness; passionately resting in the arms of one another as they graciously uncover, unwrap and tap into the insatiable, continuous fountain flow of love.

~DeAndre Blackknight Oliver

Honey, I’m home!
Is what I say as I walk through the door stripping away the fabric from my flesh; for I want nothing to restrict the caress of her hand sliding gently across my chest.

She is the best part of me, and when we come together we are a duet of divine harmony; two converse hemispheres that fit perfectly, synchronously like heaven and earth encapsulated in a sphere of continuous motion.

Deeper than the ocean, I surrender my trust as I lust to penatrate and thrust into the vortex of her mind; for making love to her soul is my goal to carry her across the threshold of eternity.

Infinity and beyond our imagination; revealing, remembering, returning to not only who we were, but also who we are..,

Celestial karbonated stars of protons, neutrons and electrons; vibrating, flowing, riding, dancing, merging 666 degrees as both our heart, mind and body agrees that we are each one half of the melodies. The frequencies that only we can hear; a song that only we can sing.

A king, and a queen, a goddess, and a god; she is aroused by the throbbing rod of my equanimity, and I, the sweet insatiable wetness of her holistic disposition.

Kissing her is like sharing one breath while being clairvoyantly transported to another dimension. A dimension beyond the senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell; I fell in… and continue to fall as I walk into the realm of vulnerability and absolute ecstasy.

This feels like a dream to me. A balanced scale of chemistry and connection reflecting a fragrance that opens portals to higher levels of spiritual and physical intimacy. Rare, imperfect, soft, safe, easy and calm. It is the fifth element of alchemy, a conscious energy full of life, consistency, honesty and effort.

As effortlessly, she pulls me in close, spellbound with a 3rd eye interconnection she stares right into the depths of my soul and whispers, “welcome home.”

~DeAndre Blackknight Oliver

You are my poetry; and we are beautiful music yet to become a song. I will rise higher and higher inside of you, hoping to continue progressing beyond, sexual containment and expression.

Venus and Mars between the stars our souls align as roots entwine within the essence of quantum entanglement; influencing the scales of development, perpetually renewing the transformation of molecules, atoms, and particles, into energy traveling on vibrations of dual light principles to give and re-­give equal intervals of chemistry and connection.

A beautiful reflection of us discovering new truths of vulnerability within the primordial aspects of pain, fear, emotional intelligence, understanding and empathy; intuitive clarity interconnecting purity of love and security with every touch, look, word, and action of healing and intention.

This is just the beginning manifestation of a clairvoyant conversation, a tantric transfiguration, nurturing the evanescence of dreams revealing shadows of unbounded reality; with the opportunity to advance through multidimensional portals of consciousness hand in hand, mind and mind, heart to heart, together apart, free to explore the core of our own being a spark of virtue, a light in darkness, a fire of desire, a twin flame burning all karma into ash as we pass into the kingdom of responsibility.

Me and you, freely indulging in the possibilities with tenderness and adoration of trust and loyalty; our electromagnetic frequencies tunned and in tune to the progressive awakening of existence to inter-be; completely one, two personalities honoring our individuality with elevation of thinking, penetration of thought and liberation of mind as we evolve to find divine bliss transcending the sands of time, flowing through the journey of eternity, accepting both the good and the bad with untold equanimity.

Carefully without apprehension or hesitation we slowly build toward absolute climax by edging every moment of unpredictable certainty and recirculating the discipline of devotional energy back to where we begun.

For you are my poetry, and we are beautiful music…

Lyrics to every love song.

~DeAndre Blackknight Oliver

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