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Creative Artist: Liesel Cerna (Peru/Brazília)

Liesel Cerna was born in Peru and currently lives in Brazil for 10 years. From a young age, she liked to draw, paint and work with different materials, learning it in a self-taught way. In Peru, she studied technical mechanical design at SENATI and worked for 13 years in the metal-mechanical industry.

She moved to Brazil with the goal of getting to know a new culture and gaining more knowledge. She studied Physics and Masters in Materials Science at UNESP University in São Paulo. She currently lives in Maraba, Pará state. In 2020, her passion for art led her to participate in physical and virtual exhibitions in Brazil and later in different countries such as France, Mexico, Peru, Iran, Egypt, Venezuela, Bolivia, India, and Morocco.

In 2022, she established the Liesel Cerna Studio in Marabá, Brazil, and its Facebook platform as an international art group, where she manages and organizes international exhibitions and collaborates with cultural organizations promoting art and world peace. All these experiences and knowledge prompted her to study SENAC’s postgraduate course in Cultural Management and Market Development.

Liesel Cerna carries out various projects in her Studio. She painted works that were sold in Peru, Brazil, Portugal, and France. She is currently optimizing her social networks and websites for her future cooperation projects with companies.

Qhapaq Dance
15×15 cm
Colored pencils
The comeback
      50×40 cm
acrylic, canvas
20×18 cm
Watercolor on canson paper
                                                                                                             Be happy
30×20 cm
acrylic, canvas                           
  Creative Artist: Liesel Cerna (Peru/Brazília)

*Courtesy of Ilona Lakatos

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