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Creative Andrene Bonner


New York based educator Andrene Bonner is an in-demand speaker, workshop facilitator, and curriculum designer for
K -12 through undergraduate learning. She is a Next Generation Learning Standards expert, helping parents, students and teachers to decode the Learning Standards to improve performance in and away from the classroom. Her mission is to help raise standardized tests scores in failing schools across the state and the wider US. Bonner inspires audiences and parents in particular to activate their latent teaching skills in the mission to help nurture high-performing successful graduates.

Bonner, whose advocacy for literacy began to blossom when she was just a teen, has over 15 years of experience in Westchester County and the New York City School districts and has intimately observed the effects of instituting the Common Core State Standards in the classroom. An expert on creativity, Bonner has also designed curriculum for arts integration and literacy in sports education, yet to be given attention by Next Generation Learning Standards decision-makers. She is the author of From A Teacher to Students: Stories to Heal Your Life So You Can Help Your Child Succeed, Stories to Heal Workbook, I Got This: Affirmations for Teens to Relieve Stress and Create an Awesome School Year and the forthcoming book, Your Child Will Succeed: A Parent’s Guide to Mining Gold From The Next Generation Learning Standards.

Named a Motivational Teacher of the Year in 2012 by the Westchester Black Scholars, Bonner has also turned her attention to the well-being of parents. She has received numerous awards for educational leadership and community service to families.

Andrene Bonner is the founder and president of Literacy Gateway, an educational solution business which creates among other tools workshops and seminars for teachers, parents, students and policymakers. She holds graduate degrees in education, language and literacy and an undergraduate degree in theatre arts, dance, acting, and directing. She is an alumna of the Lincoln Center Education Learning Labs for Artists and Educators. Bonner is the award winning author of a published fiction novel No Life in Olympic Gardens and Long Walk to Cherry Gardens which champions a young abandoned protagonist in his search for identity and education. She has also written Ruby, a full-length musical to teach high school students the history and culture of the Harlem Renaissance.

*Article derived from the personal website of Andrene Bonner – Literacy Gateway Institute

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