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Colorful Serenity- An Art For A Cause

Kahlil Gibran stated, “You give but little when you give of possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” This quote describes how artists help charities by contributing their talent, time, and compassion to help those in need. Three conscientious Contemporary Artists who are all members of ARTipolo Group, Inc. came up with this collaborative art exhibit for a cause to benefit one of their co-workers with his medical expenses. Experience a collage of captivating Contemporary Art that greatly speaks individually about each artist’s signature style.

Art for charity is the practice of using art in some way to serve charitable causes. Artists may produce works specifically to be sold for charity or creators or owners of artistic works might donate all or part of the proceeds of sale to a good cause. They can turn tragedy and chaos into positive action.
“Colorful Serenity: An Art for a Cause” is a cascade of alluring art pieces specially crafted to scintillate and captivate the senses. A display of brilliant artistry bringing together 3 talented Filipino Visual Artists and their array of individual masterpieces. They have devoted and dedicated a number of their precious artworks in order to raise funds for their needy colleague.
Why “Colorful Serenity” you would ask. A serene type of calmness epitomized by expansive scenes in nature, with sight lines that go into the distance: water, mountains, sky, trees, and flowers are depicted in the paintings of our artists Jerry Ybanez Contridas and Arie Purca along with their Guest Artist, Zyril Contridas, daughter of Jerry Contridas. The masterpieces of 3 Contemporary Filipino Artists create a fusion of landscape painting, abstract, flora, and fauna which calms our souls and reduces stress, with a diverse range of hues offering a contrast of delicacy and solidity, giving a feeling of tranquility, similar to the branches of trees in a wood. Their artistry unveils bold, swishing colors in balmy hues that emit the same effect. Magically put together as if the stars aligned them, their art promotes a hush emotional response without complication.
Let us get to know more about our Participating Artists:
Jerry Ybanez Contridas started his art journey at a young age during his grade school days making drawings and paintings, but he had to stop when he was in college and concentrated on finishing his studies first. In our interview, he stated that he only returned to his passion for the Arts at the time when he finally landed a job.
Jerry finished a degree in Bachelor of Technical Teacher’s Education Major in Printing with a Masteral Degree in Management. Before he was able to achieve his childhood dream of becoming a Painter, Contridas was a working student of Graphic Arts and Printing Technology. Poverty did not become a hindrance for the talented Visual Artist to realize his once-pipe dream of becoming an artist.
His beautiful artworks have already graced his solo exhibits along with numerous group exhibits he participated in mainly with ARTipolo Group, the premiere art group in Rizal and also with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Security Plant Complex BSP-SPC Art Club and Calbayog City Visual Artist CCVA where he is an active member.
The gifted Visual Artist is more on texturized art style paired with playful brushstrokes. Looking at his masterpieces, one can notice that he is into creating lovely abstract art as his major theme. Created with intricate, vivid, and bold colors paired with texture, his audiences can’t help but get mesmerized by his stunning pieces! With these, Contridas gained a following and a clientele of art collectors.
He is presently working as a Full-time Banknote and Printing Supervisor of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines).
Ariel Purca
His love for art since childhood has kept Ariel Purca constantly engaged in art activities, although he is a graduate of Electrical Engineering and presently works at the Banko Sentral Ng Pilipinas.
Art had been Ariel’s favorite subject in school, and ever since, he had joined art competitions for drawing, painting, and sculpture in grade school throughout college.
Ariel paints mostly in acrylic on canvas, in a modern realist-impressionist style. A resident of Antipolo City, Ariel is a member of the ARTipolo group of artists and the BSP Art Club. He has joined many group exhibits of both groups.
He is committed to raising awareness of art among children and instilling a love of art and immersion in art activities among them, Ariel is active in the art workshop and art camp projects of ARTipolo Group, BSP Art Club, and his motorcycling group Packers Club. Ariel has traveled to the provinces to help conduct art lessons for children of all ages.
Ariel considers himself blessed, to have the full support of his wife Jennifer Pitero, and his children Ariane Mae and Keen Adrian, for his art activities. The life if this family is truly enriched and made interesting by art.
Guest Artist:
Zyril Contridas
16 year-old Jae Zyril Contridas is yet another young and talented Global Pinoy Visual Artist to watch out for! The highly introspective young artist as she is known by many was first inspired by Digital Art which she finds enchanting. Jae Zyril started her painting journey last 2018 and since then, her stunning artworks have been featured in various art exhibits which include Chef Jessie Rockwell Club’s “14th Small hands, Big Art Exhibit” held at Amorsolo Square, Amorsolo Drive Rockwell Center in Makati City.
It was just last year, 2022 when she joined ARTipolo Group, a formidable art group based in Rizal and had been participating in numerous art exhibitions.
According to her, “Art gives us the ability to portray our feelings and thoughts.” This is in line with what the University of Tennessee has stated about art and emotion. “It is widely thought that the capacity of artworks to arouse emotions in audiences is a perfectly natural and unproblematic act.” Art stirs our innermost and even our long-suppressed feelings.
Jae Zyril’s art pieces are composed of both Traditional and Digital Art and is fond of experimenting to come up with amazing works!
“Colorful Serenity: An Art for a Cause” Group Art Exhibit runs from Sept 15- Sept 30, 2023 to be held at the Security Plant Complex, Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas , Quezon City. With about 60-70 pieces of art pieces to be featured, these artists believe art is a powerful catalyst for positive change in the world.
The public is invited to become part of this great advocacy which truly proves that there is a connection between art and empathy.
Written by:
Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

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