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Canadian Women’s Club of Jamaica 10th Annual Fashion Gala

Features Jamaicas Legendary Artist Mallica “Kapo” Reynold’s Daughter & Artist In Her Own Rights – “Christine Reynolds” & Granddaughter & Striking Model – “Sheba.” The Phenomenal Beauty, Talents, Gifts, & Creativity, Continues From Generation To Generation, In This Upcoming Gala Fashion Show!

“We’re getting ready for Jamaica!!! 🇯🇲 dis yah show yah!!!! Pure fiah! 🔥 🔥🔥. Can’t wait to be with the Canadian Women’s Club of Jamaica for their charity event! Daughter Sheba and I will be there! Remember, one of my first pieces to be featured, called “Maternal Bond“ will be available for auction, on April 30 at the AC Hotel Kingston. It will also be on display at the hotel starting today, so you could come down view the piece before the event. Someone is going to be very lucky, and someone (me) is going to cry🥲. Come and see the beginning of the next generation in art… yes.. I’m throwing my hat in the ring!!! 😂🥰. (KAPO2)!!!. It’s for an excellent cause! Let’s help these vulnerable young mothers, who have received this “title“ way before their time. Hope to see you there!!!” – Christine Reynolds #kapo2 #maroonabstractart #maroon #kaposdaughter.

“Maternal Bond,” by Christine Reynolds

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