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“Beyond the Horizon” Couple International Exhibit Set to Stage in Milan, Italy by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

“Beyond the Horizon” Couple International Exhibit Set to Stage in Milan, Italy”
By Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

“Beyond the Horizon” as the title implies, invites you to peak at a world outside of man’s perception with the artists’ signature styles defying limits when it comes to showcasing their individual crafts.

Featuring the eclectic and eye-catching masterpieces of two of the Philippines very talented and celebrated Contemporary Filipino Artists: Ayen Quias and Noel Nicolas.  The much-awaited  International Exhibit of the Power Artist Couple will be held this coming October 17-24, 2023 at the Philippine Consulate General in Milan, Italy. This is their 2nd Couple Exhibit and their first International stint and they are very much excited to represent the Philippines!

Ayen Quias is a Global Pinoy Visual Artist/Sculptor is already making a name, thanks to her intricately interesting, and colorful little houses coined “Ayen’s Little Town.” Ayen started her art journey at a tender age and confessed that she always had a keen eye for some unusual things in nature. She can envision art images in different forms such as on the rough surface of a tree, the varied cloud formations above, the crystalline, white, warm sand, the lush greeneries, tiles, fine dusts, and even shadows. Her artworks have already graced quite a number of both local and international art exhibitions.

Noel Nicolas’ artwork aims to capture fleeting moments. He depicts various pauses,
from a moment of stillness to resuming or pausing between activities. The artist is
attempting to demonstrate that there is always something going on within us—that we
are constantly moving forward, even when we aren’t aware of this. Through
contemplation and reflection, the artist believes that his art can help people see beyond
their own perspective and gain new perspectives on life.

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