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“Ayeesha’s Miracle,” by
Author Sayeeda Sharmin

Ayeesha’s Miracle
Author Sayeeda Sharmin

A cool breeze was blowing all around with different calls of the birds and the fragrance of the flowers. It seemed that a natural environment has been created. Only joy and joy. It was as if she had never known that such a country existed anywhere. How will you know, everything is known at such a young age? Her mother has never mentioned to her and neither did his father. All his father used to say, “hmmm one day I will send you to the land of ice cream,” and his mother would reply “you can’t finish eating ice cream there.”
Ayeesha was only seven or eight years old and was the beloved daughter of her parents. But they were also very strict with rules and disciplines. Ayeesha was very well disciplined but one rule she would always forget was to eat ice cream. Ayeesha loved to eat ice cream and would go crazy for ice cream.
One day, Ayeesha had a very high fever which was not calming down. The doctors were running tests to examine the cause of her fever. Ayeesha began to fall very weak and tired day by day. Her parents even offered her favourite foods to eat which she would refuse even ice cream. Ayeesha would not even look at ice cream at all. Ayeesha’s mother would cry out aloud to Allah for mercy and help for Ayesha’s health.
One morning, after Fajr prayer, Ayesha’s mother was reciting prayers using Tasbih and fell asleep. Ayeesha’s father had also fallen asleep next to Ayeesha. While everyone was deep asleep, Ayeesha woke up as if someone was calling her name. As Ayeesha opened her eyes and saw beautiful little girl just like Ayeesha but with wings and so much light illuminating the room from the little girl. The little girl asked Ayeesha to come with her and she will find the cure of her fever. The little girl spread her wings and asked her to sit on them as they flew off to a fairy land of more little children so happy and playing.
Ayeesha looked around and saw there were many unknown flowers and tree of fruits that she has never seen before. It was such a beautiful garden with beautiful birds singings to welcome Ayeesha. Suddenly Ayeesha saw there was a mountain of ice cream in the garden. Ayeesha was so surprised to see the mountain of ice cream can also talk. Ayeesha begun to scream with joy and happiness. The mountain of ice cream told Ayeesha she can eat ice cream as much as she wants but first she must say the word “Bismillah.” Ayeesha was confused she usually do say “Bismillah” when she is eating but why she has to say Bismillah for ice cream. Ayeesha didn’t understand why she needs to say Bismillah then she can eat the ice cream. The mountain asked her if she knew how many times Ayeesha has said Bismillah before eating or drinking anything. Ayeesha replied “hmmm, I don’t know.”
Suddenly, there was a repeated knock on the door which has waken up Ayeesha’s parents. Her parents opened the door and saw a very old man saying “Bismillah, as he drank some water from a mug and suddenly disappeared as he murmured “don’t worry anymore.” As Ayeesha’s parents confusedly closed the door and entered back to the room they saw Ayeesha sitting on her bed eating ice cream. Both of her parents looked surprised and asked her where did she get the ice cream from and so puzzled to see her fully recovered from the fever. Ayeesha told her parents about everything that has happened to her while they all fell asleep. Her parents immediately understood the miracle of the All Mighty and the importance of teaching her Bismillah. Her parents taught her the benefits of Bismillah and the importance of it as well. From that day on, Ayeesha never forgot to say “Bismillah” in every work or food she drank or ate.
Ayeesha and her parents shared their miraculous story with their neighbour and friends. Some had believed them but some didn’t, and some may have not understood the greatness of miracles. But those who do, they know the powerful and miracle of “Bismillah.”

Copyright by:
Author/ Writer/ Poet
Sayeeda Sharmin

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