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Author Jamie Matthews: Awakened Soul, Inspiring Others

“Author Jamie Matthews: Awakened Soul, Inspiring Others”
Our next Special Interview Feature is another inspiring and empowered woman to watch out for! Meet Author and Entrepreneur Jamie Matthews!
A first-time Bestselling Co-Author of “Gracefully Broken Heavenly Restored” published last year, Jamie is another multi-faceted personality who encourages other individuals to offer to God whatever they do. She is a shining example of a warrior and survivor who got up from her feet again after a bout of depression and made a better version of herself by the grace of the Almighty.
It is interesting to know that she just started her writing journey last 2019 after she discovered that she has this knack for weaving words. With the prompting of the Holy Spirit as she mentioned in our interview with her, she manifested her dreams of becoming an author by envisioning and claiming that she is going to be an Author. Yes, folks. Visualization and the Law of Attraction really works!
Jamie and her husband Corey manage their own family business, Lifeline Juice LLC which was launched also last year, 2022. In line with this, she also coaches women on how to embody healthy food and diet combined with exercise into their daily lives.
A full-time Quality Analyst for a global dialysis and kidney care provider, she states that health and fitness are both her passion and purpose. Talk about discovering one’s Highest Calling and sacred mission which are all put inside our hearts by our Creator right before we were born!
Let us get to know more about Jamie in our short but inspiring Interview with her below:
1. When did you discover that you have a talent for writing?
Answer: This is a very interesting question. I honestly never believed I had a talent for writing. I will say that at the end of 2019 I created my very 1 st vision board. One of the photos I added to my vision board was a woman with a stack of books as if to read them. I committed to reading and self-educating more in the year 2020. I took a step back viewing the progress of my vision board, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “You’re going to be an author.” I literally laughed out loud thinking me, a writer?
Fast forward just three months later, I was invited by my friend to be a part of an anthology project. I honestly wanted to turn down the offer for the simple fear of the new and unknown. I couldn’t, God had already confirmed it. It was God that discovered my talent. Me, not so much.
2. Tell us something about your first Bestselling Co-Authored Book “Gracefully Broken, Heavenly Restored”.
Answer: Gracefully Broken, Heavenly Restored, allowed me to reflect on one of the hardest, most pivotal moments of my life raw uncut, and most of all publicly. What I love most about it is that many people have many different opinions of how they view me. To my knowledge, most of them are great! I can’t think of anyone outside of close family, that could imagine me battling suicidal thoughts or depression. In my chapter I discussed just that.
3. “Gracefully Broken, Heavenly Restored Volume III is due for release this year, 2023. How do you feel about it?
Answer: It feels like déjà vu! So many amazing things have happened since then. It’s mind blowing that I was at a very pivotal point in my life then. I can say the same thing at the very moment I was invited to write again. I’m excited to see what God does in this season with GBHR vol III.
4. How did writing change your life?
Answer: That’s a loaded question, and really makes me think, a lot! Being obedient to God and writing in the first place made me a Best-Selling Author, in GBHR vol I. (It’s still crazy to say that aloud.)
Quick call back to creating that vision board for 2022… I prayed for God to enlarge my territory, to connect me with successful people who would help me to dream, grow, find, and pursue my purpose in life. I literally prayed, “God, I want to do this your way. Enlarge my territory, give me a growth mindset, and surround me with the right people.” Literally with fear and trembling I prayed this prayer. Writing literally did just that! It opened so many doors for me. It’s expanded my network, relationships, my spiritual life, opened the door for more opportunities and has given me so much more confidence in myself. Most of all, it’s allowed me to be human. It’s
allowed me to show other women that you can be afraid, you can not have all the answers, you can blindly give God your yes, and He’ll show you things you’ve never imagined.
5. You were also featured in Pretty Women Hustle Magazine. Tell us something about your feature and how it helped you with your business and personal life.
Answer: I’m still amazed and humbled that a magazine wanted to feature me. It helped my business, because of course it allowed a larger platform and a new audience to share it with. It a also helped my business on the coaching side as well. It allowed me the space to be vulnerable and share my why. It allowed me to share my battle with weight gain and, it also allowed me to be myself and fully transparent about my experience and share my results. Personally, it was just a reflection or an “in real time” example of my growth, and that I’m on the right track. It allowed me to relive the journey of how far I’ve come and helps light the path of where I’m heading.
6. What prompted you to launch your juicing business, Lifeline Juice LLC?
Answer: That is a long story, I’ll try to make it less long. Not long before I met my now husband in 2011, he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis or UC. He’s battled this auto immune disease for the entirety of our relationship. I’ve watched him be well, manage his symptoms, and even near death. It’s been a constant battle that has affected his life and everyone around him. With time trial and error, he decided to assume a plant-based diet, along with juicing. Almost 9 years later, he’s still planted based as well as still consistently juicing. I believe that decision not only changed but saved his life. It’s a shame it took me so long to better support him and his journey. However, in 2021 I prayed and told God I wanted to see my husband healed and whole.
This led me to a 90-day fruit and vegetable fast, which also consisted of juicing. We continued juicing together, and socially documented our journey. Ultimately I believe both our consistency and results of fasting and juicing led to its demand, not to mention it’s 100% juice and tastes amazing! This is how Lifeline was born.
7. For you, what does it take for a business to be successful?
Answer: I believe it takes consistency, presence, and results! Our business is young, I never dreamed of starting it. However, we realize it was born simply because we believed in the product (fruits
and vegetables), we were consistent and stuck to the process. Because we stuck to the process, we found results. The process isn’t easy, and it wasn’t perfect, but we kept coming back, we kept recovering. (on our health journey). Because we didn’t quit, we found results. A successful business doesn’t sell a product, it sells the solution to a problem. It also stands on and believes in the principles I mentioned. I believe that’s where success is found.
8. Does coaching women how to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into their daily lives make you feel fulfilled?
Answer: Yes! Without a doubt! The older I get, the healthier I’m becoming! As my knowledge continues to grow, so does my wisdom and how to apply it! Wisdom gives long life. I’m grateful that I can share that with other women, and men as well. Healthy eating and exercise doesn’t just make us look better. It makes us feel better. When we feel better, we think better.
When we think better, we make better decisions. When we make better decisions, we walk in our purpose and fullest potential. The best part is we can do all these things with longevity and vitality!
9. Have you had this certain epiphany before which prompted you to pursue your passion in health and fitness?
Answer: For sure. But, years ago I worked because of a breakup or depression, or whatever short-lived reason we find to do it. A few years later, I prayed that I’d do it for me. God allowed me to find true joy and satisfaction in fitness for myself. Meeting and growing with my now husband, I realized that health was extremely vital to fitness. The two together didn’t just help me to look good, it actually began to heal me from within. The epiphany is that I believe health and fitness was God’s purpose for my life all along.
10. What is your message to people out there who want to fulfill their Higher Calling or Purpose?
Answer: My message would be to seek out God. He will reveal your purpose to you. More than likely He already has by the things you do that bring you most joy and fulfillment. That thing that you can’t stop thinking about. That thing that makes you nauseous with fear and excitement. That thing that makes you dare to dream! Once you’ve identified that, then get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Take chances, make mistakes, but don’t give up! Courage is just doing it afraid, and we must. God commands us to be courageous for He’ll be with us wherever we go!

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