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🌹✒POETRYS – Aneeta Chitale (aka Shanita Vichare)✒🌹

Perished World!    

I am a bird perched on the branches of 

Rubber trees

My beautiful feathers, like a rainbow arc

Paints the landscape

In splendid colours !

I fly to the mountain tops

I see the lush green valleys turned

Bare and burned

Cut trees – trunks turmoil

Like Wizard’s cruel wand

Left to bleed 

Hurt too deep!

Human beings are so unkind 

To cut trees, for building their own house n huts

My nest is snatched 

So ruthlessly!

The Rainforest are burning

The fires roaring, flames swallowing 


Vardent trees n flowers n

Canopy of greens regimed

The Jungle’s 


Lived in glory 

When the

Monkeys chirped,   

Bumblebee’s hummed

Orangutans sneered

The Lion’s roared

The Macaws prattle

Owls hooted

The Jaguars jumped 

The Elephants trumpet

The snakes hizzed

All are now astray

In the blazing orange grey flames

Of destruction

Perished species

Some on the verge of 


Are left with out a habitat

Such are the cruelties of mankind

Deaf to the woes of animals 

Their silent cries

Who were once the glory 

Of the jungles

Are shunned now!

I fly to the southern skies

Mocked by humans

I try to build my nest in 

The Tropical lands

My maple trees, and sandel wood trees. Are cropped, chopped 

With mighty blows

I fly and perch on the Banyan tree

I find some solace

Fluttering my hurt wings

Caged in defaced world!

Sitting under the 

Bodhi Tree

I am enlightened

To see my self and my birdee’ s fate

Oblivion, lost in hazy smoke n

Grey skies!

But I can’t accept my future

Betrayed and burned

By the atrocities done by the humans

 I fly, to other lands ,further

 Only to survive

 A frail existence!

The rivers are drowned in a pool 

Of sullen existence 

Murky, waters and carrying the dead souls

Washing human sins, before the part for their heavenly journeys

Seeking pennance 

For their shaky rumblings!

I fly to the end of the world

I fly to burrow in trees


Scare now 


Find my own

Sky lines 

With the winds of change

Bereft of my ecosystems

Over the Amazon 

Rain forest!

(C) Poet Aneeta Chitale 23/05/2022

Theme – Climate Change

La Louvre

Standing on the banks of river Seine

In Paris shines majestically the 

Remnants of the mediaeval Louvre Fortress once, 

Now enfolds antiquities, grandiose, evanescence , immortal art engraved – inked, polished, painted, grafted, 

Sculpted in Stella

All stand tall still in amber light

Telling glorious stories to mankind some in spirited moods and some in sombre.

History of bygone era

Sculptures raise to talk to us, of untold saga of sad, bitter truths of brutal wars of Egyptian, Byzantine, Mediaeval and Roman empires.

The Rosetta Stone-  granodiorite 

Tells of Egyptian times and scripts decodes of battles, death and suffering of a mother’s pain , her copious tears!

Each a priceless craft, Surreal paintings, on canvas or glass.

Mesmerizing Monalisa’s enigmatic smile

Captivates the mortals’s mind

Triggers hundred’s of questions

Well poised, enchanting eyes enamored 


And bewitching smile of Monalisa!

Mystifies her portrait 

Is she real?  Who painted her? 

Was she mystical? 

Is she smiling at me?

 The rhetoric

Keeps you spell bound, and lingers on every voyeurs mind forever!

All eyes rest on the quintessential art

Chef-d- œuvre ‘Leo nardo da Vinci’ 

The millennials

still visits the museum of magnificence

 Of paradise and knowledge 

 sculptures,  paintings, ceremics 

Collages of Renaissance in awe!

Sun dials will turn everyday

Time will tik tok! forever but

La Louvre will stand 

On the sands of time 

Citadel of Treasures! 

Printed in La Fenètre de Paris 

Poetry anthology dedicated to France 

All Copyrights of the Poet Shanita Vichare.  (aka Aneeta Chitale)

4/ April 2022 India


I am made to come to life

By your soft touch and 

master strokes 

Formed in mind’s eye n 

God’s image ‘

A picture perfect  



Radiant and 

Sensuous ! Diana

Bejewelled In My Artistry 

Wrapped in smooth silken folds  Embellished in enticing curves

 I stand 


 to perfection     

 By your  guilded hands. 
I dazzle and entrap 

 My admirers 


 my ravishing looks

I exburiate 

A thousand dreams 

A thousand moans 

Of my lovers 

In frenzy 

I gaze at them

…. besotted in my guise

But  I am only yours 

In my body and soul

I am made from 

A speck of dust ! 

When you chiselled 

My beauteous form!

Poem (c) of Aneeta Chitale from India


I saw a gypsy

By the side of- Pharaoh’s in Egypt

So scintillating was her headgear adorned

With silvern and gold coins

She walked in poise as she

Skirted her long Egyptian Gypsy Trails

Clad in ……

Myriad colours and mystique stance

She walked round the tall big

 Pharaoh’s and Pyramids

Lost in archaic time

May be she had

To find her answers

Buried deep, lost in vicisstudes of time!

She gazed at her ‘Crystal Ball’

Intonating with chimes

And walked away,

As if The Pharaoh’s would breathe to life

And she would find

The secrets of life!

In tombs one lived a life

After death,

So the tale of Pharaoh’s tell

So exotic and ephemeral

In times they lived!

I stood behind, the tombs

Struck in awe and wonder

I too looked at The Pyramids

Forever thinking

Why The Kings, The Pharaoh’s lay

In majestic tombs?

Each bespoke

A story of it’s reign

In Egypt!

Waiting to breathe to life

Perhaps…..I think

May be the winds knew the secret!

The Gypsy too bespoke

A truth!

They would rise to rule

In glory of their tribe!

To live in a mirage

Of time travel

Of battles fought long ago, to recount

Glory in the Aquarian age!

To tell the story, to the spirits

And mankind

I wondered, if the dead would rise

From the sand dunes?


In time travel…….

I followed her

To the streets of Baghdad, in Samara

by the river, Tigris

The sun had set, and she carried

Frankieinsence, burnt briquettes

In a silver ‘Bakhoor’

She trailed it’s incense and peacock feathers

In the bazaars and wadi’s of

The old, den of Caliph!

She spelled her charms and

Wore her talisman, her amulets

Intricately designed,

Bedounian styled

Whispering to herself….

Secret messages

Of the wind and the water!

She wore orthoceras dagger ring,

Long and crafty Omani style

Decked in Aqeeq Red Rings

Bejewelled her- all ten fingers

With cats eye and moonstones

She wore her long ‘Black Abeya’

Puffed in lingering scents

Clinging to her bosom, her Arabic perfumes

Adorned with Egyptian silver cuffs,

And ten toe nails, covered in Bedounin’s maze

I followed her in awe and wonder

Like a man in trance!

Dare not ask her my………

Good fortune!

I think, she was…. my Talisman !

Who took me to

The streets of Baghdad! 

Poem Gypsy (c) Aneeta Chitale from India dated  August 27th 2019. All Copyrights Reserved.

Peace Begins In Our Heart!

 Raging nations 

Waging  wars for arsenal

and ascending frontiers

Flying hawkers, stinger missiles, gunshots and tanks buring in blazes

All to shoot the enemy down

Do or Die! Is the godam word 

Bloody bath, and battle cry

Is seen in ghost towns and barns

Killing of innocent people, the old and the young- too naive to understand the ploys of coy nations!

The nation bleeding, people fleeing

All refugees now, in foreign lands

Escape ! Refuge! Harassed minds and Hallucinations of the bombings

Sirens trilling , orphaned children and deluded , helpless parents.

Living in bare minimums now , in chared buildings n bunkers

Life tumbled like a pack of cards!

Life is so fragile! 

Exodus of a nation

Crying for Peace!

Peace to breathe peace to feel peace to preserve brotherhood !

By (c) Poet Aneeta Chitale

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