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Being a Creative is a beautiful thing. One of the many facets of creativity is ART. Come with us, as we share its talent, beauty, and awesomeness.

Mallica “Kapo” Reynolds

Mallica Reynolds, OD (10 February 1911 – 24 February 1989), better known by the adopted name “Kapo”, was a Jamaican artist and religious leader. Considered one of the greatest artists in Jamaica’s “Intuitives” artistic movement, Kapo’s religious beliefs were reflected in his work.

“I was born in 1911 on the 10th day of February in Bynloss St. Catherine. My fathers’ name was David Reynolds, and my mother’s name before marriage was Rebecca Morgan. My father married her when I was nine years old. I also went to school when I was nine. At the age of 12, I received the spirit of conversion. I was then reading in fifth standard. At the age of 16 I left school, I was not bad at reading, and I did not love drawing. Drawing days, I used to prefer to go and work in the garden. Before the death of all my sisters and brothers, we all used to play together, and go to church and school. I could remember as far back as my creeping days, and 40 years ago when I started as a self-taught artist scraping on a stone with homemade tools, never having seen before a piece of sculpture in any medium. Then I started working steadfastly without any instruction. Happily for me, guiding lights appeared in my life, a number of prominent men who took interest in my work and encouraged me ”——-Kapo
Derived From The National Library of Jamaica (NLJ)
Snake Man, cedar, c 1968 19 1/2″
Royal Rooster, Mahogany, c 1968 64″
Three Sisters, mahogany, c 1963 (shiny) 28 1/2″
Sisters in Love, mahogany, c 1964 26″
The Angel (winged moon man) mahogany, c 1963 26 1/2″
“Father Abraham”

Please Note: All information & pictures, were submitted personally by Mallica “Kapo” Reynold’s daughter, Christine Reynolds (a beautiful artist in her own rights). We thank her profusely, for sharing the phenomenal artwork by her father.


“Peaceful Quiteness” 1969.
Oil on hardboard NGJ. #kapo #maroon
Daddy lesson….
“The Flame”. 1971
A woman of ‘exceptional abilities’ known to dad as a great preacher! The symbolism in the ‘hair’. Women have always played a very important role in my father’s religious life.
#mallicakaporeynolds #kapo #maroon
February 2022

Painting By Artist Mark Renaissance Cameron
Christine Reynolds – Kapo’s Daughter
Mother & Daughter – Mallica “Kapo” Reynold’s Bloodline Continues


“Jay is a PHENOMENAL artist! I stumbled across him on WordPress & have no regrets. His pieces speak to me & tell their own individual stories. When you view them, you can’t help but to see they have a tale to tell. Awesome!”~Maxwanette A Poetess

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Artist Ria

Title: “I’m Not Afraid!”
In life- I tried my best
Not that I was better than the rest
I must confess that THIS test!!!
It’s just that it burned a hole inside my chest
Engulfed my core like a fiery vest
Like I was invited as an honorable guest
Grabbed my heart till I became distressed
Tore it down and to the left- Southwest!
As I attempted to overcome, I began to digress
So I prayed, I begged, I began to request
Asked my dear Jehovah… Can I win this contest… surpass the rest… move pass unrest and make swift progress… through this conquest and obtain His approval as He once eloquently expressed???
He warmly addressed:
“My child why do you think I invest…
In you- I’ve assessed…
A true heart-that you possess!
So He Refined me like Gold, I can attest!
Embraced me throughout it ALL, I’m Blessed!

By @artist_ria
Acrylic, charcoal, soft pastels and gel pen🎨

5th piece in the Exo-Butterfly Series
©️Artist Ria 2021
YouTube – Artist Ria Showcase

Drawing by me with oil pastels
Artist Ria


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🖌🖼Art! Art! Art!🖌🖼

Emory Douglas’s Revolutionary Art, Sam Gilliam’s Fabrics, Barkley L. Hendricks” painting entitled “Sweet Thang”, and Alice Neel’s oil on canvas.



Art By Elizabeth Esguerra Castillio (of the Phillipines)


Sharing with you my SOLD paintings this November and December. I am a Visual Artist/Painter and International Author and I accept affordable commissioned paintings mainly personalized abstract paintings in mixed media, acrylic, oil pastel, watercolor, and charcoal on canvas. You can PM me for inquiries.
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American Painter/Cartoonist & Awesome Talent: Wayne Thiebaud Transcends

“We extend our deepest condolences to the family. We would also thank Brother Thiebaud, for sharing his artistic talent and gifts with the world.”


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