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Artist At Work
Born in 1983 at Berekum, a city in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana West Africa, Kumi Samuel is a sculptor living and working in Kumasi, Ghana.

His commissioned sculptures are seen in various parts of Ghana of which the most famous is the 26 feet x 44 feet wall mural at the KOFCANS Hotel in Obuasi.

The Hallmark of his work is the realistic rendition of subject through which he seeks to revive the indigenous/cultural and ethnic subjects with a global and artistic discourse. In making great projection of the future, the past becomes an arsenal of asserts and an inevitable archival reference necessitated by the present. He therefore believes, things that remain to remind man of what is lost is equally important. Through his works, he interrogates and appropriates from the sociocultural space via the activation of visual forms to traditional ideologies, mythologies, proverbs and cultural activities that are lost or seem to be diminishing from the society. His practice also provides a new dialectical and conceptual context and direction for the preservation of some of those cultural activities that have seemingly lost their glory or cultural relevance, and hence serves as a reminder to the people of their ancestry history.

Kumi is currently working on a collection (project) towards his debut solo exhibition “The Redeemed” which comprises of a series of subjects that give a reflection on childhood memories. Inspired by sub-Sahara Africa figurative sculpture, he is of the opinion that though ‘static’ and ‘un-proportional’ they have more to offer in terms of style, technique and process, historically, theoretically or conceptually, these couple with the western classical realist cannon of their rendition gives another rise to another conversation of Afro-hyperrealism.
“Dr. Martin Luther King”
“George Floyd”


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