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ARTS – Devi Dass Khattri (India)


I am Devi Dass Born 1967 Bishnah hailing from Jammu and Kashmir UT and studied in art
education. I have done my graduation in fine art from Visva – Bharti Santiniketan west
Bengal with a BFA.Hons sculpture 1994-1998 and my post graduation from college of
Art Govt. Of NCT New Delhi with a MFA in Sculpture -1999 – 2001 prior to my
graduation. I also did diploma in Painting ITI from Jammu and Kashmir 1988. I have done
7 Solo show and many Group shows, Participating in many National LKA and
international exhibitions in India and Abroad. Received j&k Annual state Amature
/Awards 1989- 90-1991, Mrit Scholarship Visva – Bharti Santiniketan 1994-95-96,
cheppudira pannapa Rajaram scholarship 1998-1999, Merit Scholarship college of Art
New Delhi 1999-2001, H.K. Kajerwal young Artist Award, KCP, Banglore 2001, National
Scholarship HRD Ministry of Culture New Delhi 1999-2001, 77
National A. I. F. A & C. S.
Sculpture Award 2005, LKA Research Garhi Grant scholarship 2006 – 2007 and Senior
fellowship HRD Ministry of Culture New Delhi 2011-2013. I have so many attended all
India National or state Artist camp & symposium lalit kala akademi, NZCC, WZCC, ENZCC,
Sahitya Kala Parishad New Delhi Etc. I have many collection of Art work are in lalit kala
akademi New Delhi, sahitaya kala Akademi New Delhi, NZCC kalagram Chandigarh,
WZCC udaipur SZCC Nagpur, ENZCC Dimapur Nsgaland and many other in India and
Abroad. At Present, Devi Dass work in freelance since last 22year in Delhi.

1.Title – The journey of valley -2
Medium – Sisham wood & Bronze
Size – 180 X 60 X 300 cm

2. Title – My Hometown Valley
Medium – Sishem Wood & Bronze
Size -120 X 60 X 60 cm

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