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CREATIVE: Nona Papashvili (Georgia – Country)

Nona Papashvili

My name is Nona Papashvili and I was born in 1991 in Georgia, a self-taught artist and teacher. I am a bachelor of international relations by education and also Bachelor of Tbilisi State Conservatory (piano major). I work at school, where I teach students music and English.
As a self-taught artist I started with little, sewing dolls’ clothes and today, my works in glittering colors are much liked and appreciated. Embroidering with water, crosses, diamonds and ribbons with different techniques, these are the currents with which I am still engaged. Nature landscapes, colorful flowers, women’s silhouettes and portraits, created in beautiful and transitional colors, will make you lose the sense of time and travel to a colorful world. Each of them is very dear to me in which I put a lot of work, energy, emotion and love.
I actively participate in various group exhibitions, international exhibitions , competitions, festivals and events. I am a member of the Association of Georgian Embroiderers. My work was printed in the catalog of the mentioned organization. I am also preparing to organize my first personal exhibition.

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