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🌹🖌ARTS – Rodri Salguero (Colombia)🖌🌹

“Yesterday, I was taking an Uber with my sister Denise – on our way to Walmart. I was speaking about a Creative, that I felt needed drawing lessons. The Uber driver happened to be listening & we started talking. I let him know that I promote Creativity, etc. So, imagine my pleasant surprise when he informed me that he’s an artist & gave me his Instagram info. All I can say is OMG!!! He’s a phenomenal talent. WOW!!! Take a look, check out his page. He’s absolutely AMAZING!!! You never know who you’ll meet. Talent & Creatives are everywhere. AWESOME!!!” ~Maxwanette A Poetess

Creative Artist – Rodri Salguero

Originally from Colombia, this Latin American artist settled in Kissimmee, Florida has more than 20 years of exhibiting his artwork.

He started formally his artistic path at the IPC art school in Cali, Colombia, and continued his studies in Communication at Santiago de Cali University. Once specialized in Artistic Education he has made a career as a university professor.

Masters in Education, Specialized in Art Didactics, and Candidate for Ph.D. Has dedicated part of his life to educating young artists and teachers in Artistic Education.

With an almost indelible closeness to music, he has imparted his aesthetic proposals to collaborate with other artists in diverse audiovisual and academic expressions.

“My work focuses on a personal ambition that pursues honesty. I have tried to express it throughout oil painting based on keeping at most a close relationship with my culture and the environmental background that has motivated me since my initial brush strokes.

I fully trust the catches of the first instance. I seek to document naked souls without judgments”.

I hope that one day, whoever sees my paintings may feel the same.

Check This Artist Out On Instagram: salguerofinearts

El Brujo

Detras de las puas

Pesca de letras

La tarde en rojo

Vuelo en el Patia

La espera



Musica es paz

Bocas del San Juan

Tres mujeres

Para siempre

Vuelo en Zabaleta II

Vuelo en Zabaleta II


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