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🌹🖌ARTS – Elsa Ordoñez (Ecuador)🖌🌹


I was born in Quito. She studied at the Escuela Quito-Fundación Bernardo de Legarda, Technique: Sculpture in imagery (1993-1996) and also workshops with various artists.

I have participated in more than 170 exhibitions, both virtual and physical, biennials of painting and sculpture at a national and international level, and in the projects of the Fundación Bellas Artes in Guayaquil, such as: The World March of the Arts for Peace and Non-Violence in December 2019, First and Second International Meeting of Art and Culture in July 2019 and 2020, Galaxia Ecuador I and II with Enrico Carnigno in Guayaquil. House of Ecuadorian Culture, Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum, Valle Choluteca House in Honduras, Manuelita Sáenz House in Peru, 1st. Mail Art Triennial in Puerto Rico, Casa Mexicana Workshop Gallery in Italy. The Nala Project in Germany, the Andante Project in Galicia, Spain and several countries such as: Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, France, India, Turkey, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Germany, Ecuador, Bolivia, etc. .

My works have been published in several books of which we can mention: The Golden Book of the best artists by the Museum of the Americas in the United States and in the Philippines Arte más. She has received the 2021 International Art and Sculpture Panorama Award in the Sculpture Category, organized by the Writers Capital Foundation in Greece and an Honorable Mention for her artistic career by the Narda Martínez Pittrice Foundation in Italy.

Representative of Ecuador in the Artistic Society of Great International Events in Chile and IOMAC Globe Art Representative in Bangladesh.




Author: Elsa Ordoñez
Title: La/The great harvest
Measures: 100 x 80 cm.Palette knife oil on canvas
Country: Ecuador

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