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Christine Reynolds Artist At Large!

Daughter of Legendary Jamaican Artist, “Mallica Reynolds – Kapo

“Christine Reynolds’s art, speaks VOLUMES! Her work is “Gallery Ready,”& to be displayed in homes, businesses, hospitals/clinics, museums, and artistic platforms across the globe! I for one, am blown away by her genuine eye for color and the way her artwork speaks to the viewer – PHENOMENALLY CAPTIVATING!” ~Maxwanette A Poetess

“It’s in the DNA.”
12”x24”, acrylics on hardboard
#maroonabstractart #kaposdaughter #maroonart #kapo2 #maroon
The color scheme is a little different, because after my “two friends” showed up….I was a little frazzled and distracted, not the colors I originally wanted…. That doesn’t seem to matter lately. 🤣. Anyway introducing
“The Gaze”
24”x36” acrylics on canvas
#kaposdaughter #maroonabstractart #maroonart #kapo2 #maroon
Good afternoon guys…. So usually when I am painting, and an “unintentional friend” (my name for them) makes an appearance, I usually smile or chuckle, say hi..paint over it, and continue. This time however, I decided differently. This is the very top of a 24“ x 36“ canvas I’m working on right now. THIS time, I see two figures, one in green looking up, and the other in red looking down… both seem to be looking at each other. I figured if “they” keep showing up, the least I can do is to leave them when they “appear”. 😂. This one will be called…..”The Gaze”. Enjoy the rest of your day😊🙏🏿 #kaposdaughter #maroonabstractart #kapo2 #maroon #maroonart

Acrylics on canvas… untitled.
#kaposdaughter #kapo2 #maroonArt #maroonabstractart
Done with a palette knife
Artist & Daughter of Mallica “Kapo” Reynolds: Christine Reynolds
*REPOST….. because I’m having an awesome year!!!!! “The twice extended exhibit “Women in Art” at the The Sky Gallery Ja closes today. I must thank all those who went and supported!!🙏🏿😊. It was extremely important for me to have my pieces firstly exhibited in Jamaica for obvious reasons. I am so thankful to The Sky Gallery for helping me realize this part of my dream. They will always be greatly appreciated, and remembered as….’My first’☺️🙏🏿. Thanks to Ms Joan Mc Donald for the introduction 😊. Well, there’s no turning back now. Look out for an exhibition in the states, new pieces and a few surprises!! Thanks to ALL of you for your support! 🥰🙏🏿😊🪘🙌🏿⚔️💐. #kaposdaughter #maroonabstractart #kapo2” The Sky Gallery Ja *From the page of Christine Reynolds

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