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🌹📜🎨ART & POETRYS’ – Artist Ria🎨📜🌹

Title: “I’m Not Afraid!”
In life- I tried my best
Not that I was better than the rest
I must confess that THIS test!!!
It’s just that it burned a hole inside my chest
Engulfed my core like a fiery vest
Like I was invited as an honorable guest
Grabbed my heart till I became distressed
Tore it down and to the left- Southwest!
As I attempted to overcome, I began to digress
So I prayed, I begged, I began to request
Asked my dear Jehovah… Can I win this contest… surpass the rest… move pass unrest and make swift progress… through this conquest and obtain His approval as He once eloquently expressed???
He warmly addressed:
“My child why do you think I invest…
In you- I’ve assessed…
A true heart-that you possess!
So He Refined me like Gold, I can attest!
Embraced me throughout it ALL, I’m Blessed!

By @artist_ria
Acrylic, charcoal, soft pastels and gel pen🎨

5th piece in the Exo-Butterfly Series
©️Artist Ria 2021
YouTube – Artist Ria Showcase

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