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🌹📚Ria Patel – Every Kid Deserves A Book!📚🌹

Be the reason why a kid smiles today!

Be the reason why a kid explores their imagination!

Be the reason why a kid expands their literacy!

Be the reason why a kid succeeds in school!


My name is Ria, and I’m organizing a book drive for underserved children through a partnership with a non profit organization Bernie’s Book Bank.

I have a big goal for my campaign. I want to reach as many kids as possible, and I hope you can help me out.


Books are an essential aspect of childhood development, and for me, they not only expanded and improved my literacy, but they also helped me explore the world and my imagination. I remember running home, excited about embarking on my newest journey, flying to Neverland or dueling with Harry Potter.


As Walt Disney once said, “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”


Unfortunately, many neighborhoods lack the resources to bring books to their children.


Whereas middle income neighborhoods are able to supply books with a ratio of 13 books to 1 child, low income neighborhoods have 1 age appropriate book for every 300 kids. Without books, underprivileged children are deprived of the same literacy opportunities as their privileged counterparts.


Want to know how you can help?

1. You can donate $5 to this Go Fund Me page! If everyone donates $5, together, we will be able to donate over 200,000 books.

2. Know anyone else who is passionate about books? Personally share this Go Fund Me link with them and encourage them to do the same!

3. Help spread the word! Make a post on social media! Start a fundraiser! Organize a bake sale! Post flyers around your community!

4. Join my team! Email me ( if you are interested in joining my team to help underserved kids. Together, we can form a community and provide kids in need with resources that they may not otherwise be able to afford or have access to.


Through my partnership with Bernie’s Book Bank, everything that is donated will go straight to them, and they will process and distribute books to underprivileged children. Every dollar donated will bring a book to a disadvantaged child’s personal library.


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