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Social Services’s Lorna Little

CEO of St. Anne’s Family Services,Writer, and Author

Lorna Little, LCSW, is a licensed social worker, author, public speaker, media producer, and the President and CEO of St. Anne’s, an expansive multi-service non-profit program serving children and families throughout Los Angeles. A distinguished social services professional, Lorna’s impact has reached across several community initiatives. Her work focuses primarily on housing homeless populations, supporting pregnant and parenting youth, providing families access to early education and mental health services, and guiding youth through the foster care system. She is also a cultural diversity trainer and community activist.

Having discovered she was adopted when she was in her 30s, Lorna is intimately familiar with navigating the complex family dynamics in adoption and foster services. Her debut memoir, Mum’s The Word!, chronicles her deeply emotional journey to uncover the truth about her past, an experience that primed her for a remarkable and successful career in social service program development and leadership. Lorna is a licensed social worker and holds a post-Master’s certificate in Foster and Adoption Studies.

Article From Lorna Little’s Website:

Mum’s The Word!
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Lorna Little Speaks (2022)

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