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Creative Richie Innocent


“The Poet’s Poet, and the People’s Messenger”
Every so often, an artiste emerges on the entertainment scene who has the talent to transform a genre or an art form to new heights. Dub Poet/Spoken Word Artiste Richie Innocent is one such artiste. The easy-going poet has carved a niche for himself on the Jamaican poetry scene with thought-provoking poems such as “The Monster,” “Hills Mi Deh,” “Come Mi Community,” “I Am Special,” and “Good Old Days.”

Richard Robinson, musically known as Richie Innocent ‘The DJ Poet ‘, is a writer, DJ, poet and a youth advocate. He was born in 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in St. Elizabeth, to parents Daniel Robinson and Maxine Grant. He lived in several inner-city communities such including Arnett Gardens and Waterhouse before moving to live with his father in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth in 1986.

At a very early age he realized that music was something he wanted to be a part of. As a youngster Richie always found himself performing for his siblings and friends. He went to Lacovia Secondary School (which later became Lacovia High School), where he participated in several extracurricular activities including drama, track and field and football. His football skills earned him a place at the prestigious St. Elizabeth Technical High School (Steths) in 1988. He represented the school at the under 16 level, and he also played on the school’s 1989 and 1990 Dacosta cup teams. Despite his sporting exploits in high school music was always a very big part of his life, and he would spend most of his free time deejaying for his friends at school. As time went by, he began to hone his deejaying skills by performing at events at school and in his community.

Richie Innocent received training as a youth advocate through an initiative by the USAID and the Jamaican Government spearheaded by the Ministry of Health called Youth.Now. He represented the youths (from 10-18 years old) of St. Elizabeth at the USAID Office in Kingston, Jamaica and was the closer for the program at the Jamaica Conference Centre. Richie was active in going into several schools across Jamaica to motivate the students, at Jamaica Day, Boys Day and Heritage Week. He became a mentor to the youths; who hung-out on the corners, who have gone on to further themselves in a positive light and existence.

While attending St. Elizabeth Technical High School, Richie performed in concerts and was active in the drama club. Richie’s inspiration came from artists such as the Legendary Bob Marley, Early ‘B’ the original Doctor, Freddie McGregor, Junior ‘One Blood’ Reid, Half Pint, Tony Rebel and Papa Levi. Stereo One Sound Family, and mainly with Lt. Stitchie; who was also very influential in his musical career. Not to forget, his opportunity to not only meet the late Garnet Silk, but to perform on the same stage, with some encouraging advice, after he was denied a spot. Garnet Silk stated “They were only working with professionals. That is foolishness, no man no greater than a next man,” and he brought Richie up on stage where Richie not only performed but received several encores, and after his performance was told by Garnett Silk, “You’re very talented…because you’re doing conscious music it’s going to take you a long time [to make it] but never give up.” Shortly after, in 1992 Richie Innocent represented his parish at the JCDC Pop and Variety competition and took home the award for ‘Best DJ’. He made his recording debut in 1995 with a song titled “Whooe Whoo” (Jamaican Translation: Woi-Woi) on the Roof Recording label. In 2000 he won a Gold Medal in the JCDC Speech and Drama competition at the parish level in St. Elizabeth. He also won a bronze medal in 2003 in the JCDC Dub Poetry competition.

He has since then gone on to perform at “Border Clash,” “Red Dut Show Case,” “G.T Taylor’s Christmas Extravaganza,” “Capleton’s St. Mary Mi Come From,” “The Prime Minister’s Labor Day Show,” Jamaica House; where he performed at Jamaica House after he was asked to write a poem “Cricket Inna Paradise,” by SDC (Social Development Commission) for the upcoming cricket World Cup, that was held in the Caribbean in 2007, and several other shows overseas. Richie Innocent has an array of music; his most recognized song at that time was ‘Drugs Fi Gun’, which was produced by Flava Squad out of Kingston, Jamaica. He has also done recordings for Courtney Cole of Roof International, Slims, St. Bess Records, and Jah Life in New York. Some of Richie’s Collaborations include Andrew Tosh (son of The Late Peter Tosh), dancehall great Michael ‘Lick Shot’ Palmer with backing vocals by Beverly Kelso from the original Wailers, called “Affi Get a Beaten” and, “Empress Dress” (Life Time Music). Other collaborations include Lorna Bennett, Sanchez, and Queen Yemisi. His songs also included “Careless Shotta”, “What Happen This Morning,” and “If Nutten Nuh Change,” featuring Dre Mob and Hi-Kee. Richie Innocent isn’t dubbed ‘The DJ Poet’ for nothing; he has won several awards for dub poetry and speech, he has done a series of poetry shows such as “Kingston Pon Di River”- Jamaica, “Haiti Calling” – Benefit Concert in NY, Pomedy (poetry and comedy) with Oliver Samuels – The University of Technology (UTECH), Muta Baruka, Joan Andrea Hutchinson, and his mentor (during that stage of his life) Yasus Afari. Richie has also done The Jamaica Poetry Festival 2012 and The Louise Bennett Celebration just to name a few. His most popular poems are “Good Ole Days,” and “Scanner”.

Although he enjoyed relative success as a Deejay with songs such as “Drugs Fi Gun and Herbalist,” in 2014 he decided to turn his attention to Dub Poetry full time. Richie Innocent has delivered memorable performances at several major events such as the IRIE FM Marcus Garvey Celebrations, the Jamaica Poetry Festival, Dis Poem Words and Agro Fest. “Mama” Elise Kelly was instrumental in giving him exposure in the poetry artform especially when he was made a correspondent on Spoken Word Wednesday and his work was regularly played. His poetry community was also a major part of the show. DJ Amber currently highlighting Richie Innocents works, with non-stop support. The impact of his works has also earned him attention overseas; his 1st nomination was in the category of the Best Spoken-Word Artiste/Dub Poet of the Year in the 2018 IRAWMA Awards (held in Chicago). Although he did not win the award, he delivered a strong performance at the prestigious event which was aired in the US on the NBC TV Network. During that year he was a nominee and performed at the National Spoken Word Awards in Chicago and is also a member of the P.O.E.T Organization (People Of Extraordinary Talent) by D’Andre Hawthorne aka Blaq Ice, who also appointed Richie to be their 1st Jamaican Ambassador of Poetry, straight out of Jamaica. He participated in Chicago’s Marcus Garvey Celebrations, and their Spoken Word Open Mic events. Richie went on to also perform at the Sol Food and Music Festival which took place at the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation in Omaha, Nebraska. Richie Innocent has also performed at the African Poetry Theatre in Queens, NY and the Nuyorican Cafe in Manhattan.

Since moving to New York Richie Innocent has released singles namely “Be Careful Who You Defending,” produced by Ralston Barrett on the Jail House Rhythm on Symphony B Records on September 2, 2022 and “Crime Get So Bad,” on October 24, 2020 on the Jherdon label. He’s collaborated with fellow poet Wise Wurdz before Covid, releasing “Where Are The Warriors?” (March 2019). He’s a five (5) time IRAWMA (the Mutaburaka category) nominee and received an Award of Excellence from the Sarabita Masters (2020) in Brooklyn, NY, in recognition for his work as a poet in the global community. Richie Innocent’s poems and songs have been used by organizations such as Save Our Streets (S.O.S) in Crown Heights in Brooklyn, NY where L.O.V.E was used to motivate the youths. He also performed at the Bridge Water Poetry Festival in Virginia, who selected his poem from a group of 15 poets out of 50 to be recited, that represented the theme for the festival (held at Bridge Water College). He went on to do another collaboration with Wise Wurdz, which also included the late Great Toots Hibbert titled “Neva See The Trouble Ahead.” Marriage, relocation and Covid created a new person, who is now practicing what he has been preaching literally, in healthcare, and is ready to live the truth by showing love. Richie Innocent recently was given a new name to be added to his moniker the Dj Poet by Vachikepwe di Poet of Zimbabwe. Mdara is a name in Shona (one of Zimbabwe’s languages) that means “the big man.” It’s a name Richie accepts proudly. In 2022, Richie also received a Certificate of Appreciation from {P.L.O.T.S.}~Creatives Magazine.

Presently Richie is working on his 1st book, creating his brand, a new song for release, and an active participant in The Jamaica Poets Nomadic College and School Tour events.

*Information Derived From: Richard Robinson aka Richie Innocent; English Town Promotion, Reggae PR, and {P.L.O.T.S.}~Creatives Magazine.

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Creative Richie Innocent aka Richard Robinson

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