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UPDATE: After being educated on the system behind “The Industry”, I have to change my opinion, slightly. I wish Poets were able to make these types of monies. However, Brother Oku is right. To me, it’s easier said than done. This is an onion with some deep layers. We have to continue putting so many things in place, before we even get to this level. It’s bigger than we think. I hope to not only to continue contributing, but to one day see the proper compensations given.

6 thoughts on “๐ŸŒนโœ’(((STANDING OVATION)))โœ’๐ŸŒน”

    1. “I get paid by various means. I do get book sales (I trust you do as well), but my payments are mostly by the works I do in helping others in getting their works out there. Also, getting reviews is another story, lol! But it would be nice if Poetry was in the category of payment, where the Poet is financially compensated. Poetry has made leaps and bounds, yet it still has not reaped its rightful benefits and proper place. But Poets keep at it, and it’s usually not based on getting paid monetarily. Many of us, grew up with “Ohhhh, so you’re a poet?” In the most condescending manner possible, and often told it was a waste of time, and accused of being useless idiots. Many have been writing for the majority of their lives, and so many are so good. There’s the famous and legendary Poets, those never even heard of, and even those that may not be so good at it or even terrible (who’s to judge?). It is an energetic flow of thoughts & feelings, that’s usually not tapped into enough and or overlooked. Every other area of Arts & Literature gets paid for their works. Poetry should be no exception.Why must the term “A starving Poet/Artist”, still exist? What I would love to do, is to sit/converse with people who can brainstorm and come up with solutions as to how to boost Poetry on a more grandiose scale. In my opinion it should be incorporated in the educational curriculum, from Pre-School to College, as itโ€™s beneficial in such a large and needed capacity; teaching children to read, increasing & improving vocabulary, opening of minds, therapeutic ways to express feelings, emotions, and thoughts, connecting with an array of people all over the world, not to forget the talent that’s stumbled across in the process. Poetry, is not what it used to be, yet it is, and better. There’s assistance in these areas, but not enough. So, in order to “get paid”, as you mentioned, it takes conversations, thoughts, ideas, work, connections, focused dedication, and the mentality going in, that it can be done. We already know we aren’t getting paid like that or at all. I am intently focused on how to change that and open to useful suggestions๐Ÿ˜€.”~Maxwanette A Poetess

      1. Itโ€™s good to know that you are paid, Maxwanette. Well I donโ€™t do book sales or reviews. I bet I have not been too serious.

        But, I agree that poets should be paid. Poetry is taken too lightly

        1. “Oh payments are not huge, lol! If I were to do poetry based on monetary means? I’d starve, lol! But with all jokes aside, that’s part of the major problem, and the fodder for my point. You are quite right my Sister. Poetry is taken way too lightly indeed.” ~Maxwanette A Poetess

          P.S. Plan on writing that book???๐Ÿ‘€

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