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Poetry’s – Roebain Christians (South Africa)


Roebain Christians
She is a single mom of two and also an educator.
Who loves nature and seizes every opportunity in the outdoors.
She was born on 25 August 1970 during the apartheid laws.
As a South African she started to fight in her teenage years for human rights.
Roebain started to write in June 2020, when a stranger saw a picture of her on Facebook and wrote a poem about her. Since then she fell in love with poetry and never looked back. She received many awards in 2020 for her poems. She also became the South African ambassador for Oxygen Pen and host of OPT LIT. Is also appointed as a regional manager for Africa Ambassadors, and administrator for Sparkling Quill. As a humanitarian and empath, one of her dreams is to be a motivational speaker against women and child abuse.

Awards she received from different poetry sites were: Certificates for excellent achievements, Honourable mentions, Poet of the day, Poet of the week, Poet of the month, Certificate of Excellence in motivational writing Topmost engaged member, Poet of the year. Roebain also interviewed well-known writers across the globe. Her book “Let your voice Speak” is recently published, it is a poetry collection telling her story of being a victim of physical and emotional abuse during her marriage years.

Written by Shahid Abbas & Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo. Recited by: Roebain Christians May 26th, 2022

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