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Poetry’s – Nguyen Chau Ngoc Doan Chinh (aka Hong Ngoc Chau/Nguyen Chinh) – Vietnam

Her true name is NGUYEN CHAU NGOC DOAN CHINH. Her Pen name is HONG NGOC CHAU, her Facebook name is NGUYEN CHINH. She is a Master of Education Management. She is a member of the Association of Writers of Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), the Honorary Foreign Advisor, Ambassador of the Suryodaya Literature Foundation (SLF) From- Vietnam; the member Admin of W.U. P (World Union of Poets), the level of GENERAL COUNCILOR of the World Union of Poets with COORDINATORS SILVER MEDAL ( 14th medal of the World Union of Poets), Contributor of VISHWA BHARATI – India (The Vishwabharati Research Center), International Ambassador of the Circle of the International Chamber of Writers & Artists, Administrator, moderator, group expert of many literary forums around the world; Honorary Doctor of Humanity of the Prixton Church.

My country: Vietnam


No stigma of skin colors and ethnicity

Rosy color dyes the whole life worldly

Warm affection should be noble forever

Life would be gradually better and nicer


It spreads the love in four sky corners

Friendly mind to live in peace forever

We practice it in the middle of real life

Faith in unity is always clear and bright


National profits depend in life worldly

Let’s keep always fighting for humanity

Our discord and discontent should reconcile

Let’s be careful about extinguishing the fire


We must be kind to the world forever

Human love will bloom everywhere

Only actions are the global positivity

The earth is green, clean, and pretty


If there is something that affects

Making any danger to our planet

It will be related to all the mankind

Not heartless to give up on to fight


Let‘s take care of the right to live, you see

Let’s protect together equality in reality

Peaceful cooperation is the source of life

It’ll be in harmony with the human mind

HNC@All Rights Reserved

Nguyen Chinh & Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

“We Are Infinite”

The Universe is vast
An ocean overflowing with mysteries
As we unravel each time
Even the darkest secrets of humanity.
As you look up at the night sky
Full of stars, you start to won
Of your mortality, your One True Purpose
At times you might feel
Just like a small dot
Lost in oblivion
But do remember dear one
Even a speck of dust
Swirling in this endless madness
Remains part of a whole.
Like a tiny pebble by the shoreline,
However small you are
You make a difference in this world.
As the beauteous constellations
Manifest in your naked eyes,
Illuminating the darkness
Like fireflies on a spree
In an enchanted forest,
Remember, we are infinite.
Our stories are borne out of one small story
And the cycle never ends
Like the circle of life
We are infinite
Our stories will have no end
As we hold on to our dreams,
And we dare go follow our mystic flight
Discovering our predestined Personal Legend,
We are infinite.

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo


Dich giả: Hồng Ngọc Châu
Mênh mông vũ trụ đầy tiềm ẩn
Nhiều bí ẩn sâu dưới đại dương
Người muốn mỗi lần làm sáng tỏ
Bí mật người ta với mắt thường

Khi bạn nhìn trời đêm tối mịt
Đầy sao bạn bắt đầu hanh thông
Chết là mục đích cuối cùng đó
Có thể bạn trông thấy nỗi lòng

Chỉ như chấm nhỏ trong vô tận
Bị nhận chìm vào cõi lãng quên
Hãy nhớ người thân thiết nhất
Quây như hạt bụi đang cơn điên

Quay mau điên tiếc trong vô tận
Tổng thể đem so chỉ một phần
Viên sỏi nhỏ trên bãi biển vậy
Tuy nhiên dù nhỏ vẫn có thân

Bạn vẫn khác hơn trong thế giới
Như chòm sao đẹp tận trên cao
Mắt trần khó thấy đâu thân bạn
Soi sáng bóng đen dù khác nhau

Như con đom đóm trên làn nước
Hoặc lập lòe mê hoặc cánh rừng
Nhớ chúng ta là không giới hạn
Dẫu sinh từ chuyện ta nào ưng

Nhân quả không bao giờ kết thúc
Vòng tròn cuộc sống cứ làm theo
Chúng ta vĩnh viễn luôn vô hạn
Đời chúng ta đương đảo lộn lèo

Chúng ta tiếp tục vẫn mơ ước
Ta dám bay theo chuyện lạ kỳ
Huyền bí hiểu ra một sự thật
Tiền thân ta cũng rất thần kỳ

We Are Infinite
Author: Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo (Phillipines) Translation Into Vietnamese by Nguyen Chinh


Author/Translator: HONG NGOC CHAU

I suddenly see the goldish Autumn on my mom’s hair

Sad dewdrops contrarily flow into my heart as to share

The Autumn wind is hidden at the eyes corners

My bent-backed mom burdens time load quietly as ever

I want to come to her with a thousand light kisses

On her eyes dyeing the afternoon cloud, already

Sorrowful wrinkles clearly appear on her forehead

Lots of hair thread turned to sunny color indeed

Lots of bitter experiences she has obtained

As in her life river, the ups and downs remain

Any roses also have a period to be worsening

But she keeps for children her fragrance living

The human Autumn like Autumnal woods changes leaves

The hair of my meek mom is turned color by ages received

It is as smooth as silky sunshine dyed brown

“Oh, mom, you’re always great in my soul now

“I recall once I had fallen with a big mistaken plight

“You supported, comforted me with your advice:

“Oh, my daughter! Though your love fate is false

“You still have me and your children in the whole

“If you live virtue life you’ll surpass the thunderstorm

“Oh, mom! You are like a fairy in any state and form

“I learn from you the virtue of gentleness to adapt

“From you how to work, appear, speak, and behave

“Furthermore my dad gives more strength knowledge

“I go on learning to make my life progress as a pledge

“I’m more and more grateful to beloved parents

“This lunar July festival I still have you at present

“I pray the Creator the Almighty

“Blessing you and dad favor of longevity

“Blessing everybody of every family.

“White or red rose we denote our filial piety

HNC@ All Rights Reserved.




A windy night filled with emotions

The Fall raindrops gently in Saigon

Slow, fast shaking the poet’s soul

Down and deep nostalgia is in full


Withered golden leaves, the Fall is ripe

By the river, Summer sunshine fast rises

The love life of leaves whispers secretly

Lamenting with someone is sad misery


You are right a nice muse in arms

The charming Fall always charms

Is it since the day you return to reign?

A revival feeling heart flutters remain


The Fall gives me so many desires

It gathers on a pure rose as ever

As in the desert, a cool stream is running

As water is sweet and fresh like inviting


The one has just passed the fierce storm

Giving back a lonely person a heart form

Real and dream banks, Autumn is a bridge

Opening in Winter, Spring is coming indeed


The Fall is a real self-made muse’s life

The heart and the mind are so bright

It contains the poet’s goal about beauty

Intonation, rhythm, and rhyme regularly


When it’s low, sometimes high like a dance

To bring meaning in treasure in accordance

The Fall cultivation of letters is magical

Praise love of beautiful persons for all


The Fall and the muse are present as ever

Grass, trees, flowers harmonize with nature

Clouds, sky, and wind harmonize with memory

Harmonize with the rising source of poetry.


HNC@All Rights Reserved

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