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Creative Lucille A LaRohe

“Join In The Dance,” by Lucille A LaRoche The sea is poetry in motion
never the same verses
it can’t be replicated
its own rythm and flow
is forever changing like life
due to extrinsic forces
it can’t control

we are drawn to
the core of our
own rythmic
heart and soul
with each swell
and crest from
the currents of.
many shores we
traverse in life

we can’t alter
changes beyond
our control
nor the course
of the sea of in motion
however, the sea
always finds peace

be like the sea
immerse yourself
within her heart
and soul beat
to a new rythm

“make sense with the change”


Enjoy the new dance~

Join In The Dance

Lucille A LaRoche

03/11/2023 (C)

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Embracing the Sea is an
Immersion within her soul
And her pulsating heart beat
With each swell
Sequentially lapping
Against the shore with
Its own rythmic pulse
From the currents
Of the deep
Where precious
Treasures are
Discovered ~

Her caressing Sea Spray
And soothing seafoam
Against our skin
Like a second skin

Adrift are you are at
Peace and by the Sea
Under a cerulean sky
Just you and occasional
Gull in flight
Enjoying the vastness
Of the beautiful Sea


Lucille A LaRohe
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A windswept austère night in motion
As the mizzling rain begins to fall
Strands of hair captured within the wind
She walks and is unaware of others

Robotic is my pace
Staring into space
Trying to fathom of what
Really took place

Is this what happens
With an unexpected loss
Of someone you love

I expected a tomorrow
Like my yesterdays~
Now suddenly,
I can’t fathom time and place
Reality or fantasy~

Is this rain l feel
Are they tear drops
From heaven?
I need to feel presence
Of what was~

I walk and pace myself
With these uncertainties
I don’t want to believe
Of the realities~~

in drops on my face~

‘ self existence’

Lucille A LaRoche
All rights reserved
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The winter Sunrise’s
Seasonal awakening
Sheds her brilliance
On Nature’s terrain
After a Winter’s Frost~~~

“Winter Sunrise”

Lucille A LaRoche
all rights reserved
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The tide was low
The Sea was still tumultuous
The waves breaking against the shore
Singing their song of lament
After a seasonal storm

Sun rays piercing through
Grey billowing clouds
Breaking the shadow of the storm~

The Sea breeze still crisp
Captured within her raven hair
As She stood there
Lost within her thoughts

Lens towards the horizon
Of unison of the Heavens and the Sea
An Infinite space where time resides

From a distance
Is this where Eternity Exist
On Another Shoreline?

Adrift at Sea
With Her friend the Sea
Her Friend of all Seasons

Adrift at Sea

with her friend the Sea

Lucille A LaRoche

Lucy by the Sea
© all rights reserved
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