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🇰🇪“The Voice From A Wounded Heart” by Kennedy Ochieng🇰🇪


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How I Wish

Mummy how I wish you were here
I wouldn’t have been fed insults
I wouldn’t have been ridiculed
I wouldn’t have been a laughing stock
Just if you would have still been alive.

I wash my clothes by myself
My teacher says I’m also dirty
I stink like a garbage mouse
My clothes are not even ironed
I am tired of sobbing every day.

Her words hurt my healed wounds
Wounds I suffered when you decided to go
Go to a land I’ve never known
Never even to return and take care of me
It hurts me the most not seeing you here.

‘Till when will I ever have a mother
Who will love me unconditionally
Who will never bully me like my teacher
Who will wipe my tears and mucus
Who will tap my back and say ‘ I love you my son ‘.

I won’t go back home, auntie is harsh
Father care no more about me
I will stay with you here, beside you I’ll sleep
I will never leave you the way you left me
Let’s freeze together in this cold.

® Kennedy Ochieng
Country Kenya 🇰🇪


I hide behind my ink
Burying the tattooed scars
Letting no one have a glance
The wounds are fresh like moist soil.

I try not to cry
For gallons of tears will pour
Like an overloaded river
Breaking it’s embarkment.

My pen speak my silence
Unmasking my fake face
Roaring like a lion in the jungle
Showing the bitten wounds.

Powerful my pen is
Romancing and cuddling hearts
When mine is oozing blood
Endlessly stopping it won’t.

Late nights I stay
Staring at my blank ceiling
Awaiting for manna like hope
In vain I wake up with nothing.

I make many laugh
Like mad men they giggle
I carry their pain in my pen
My heart and soul remain disturbed.

Smile hugs my face tight
Deep I’m drowning in a pool
Voices of drums knock in my head
Walks, runs, crawls trample my soul.

® Kennedy Ochieng
Country Kenya 🇰🇪

Sip Your Tea Nice and Slow

Sip your tea nice and slow
for you know not, when
the clock tik will tok
forever, and dark
clouds blanket
your face,Your
eyes will never
open again
So sip your
tea nice
and slow.

the small
kind gestures
small like a mustard
seed, Allow them grow
in your heart, And double
to multiple seeds, Hold them
close to your breast, For they are rare in this wild earth.

Sip your tea nice and slow, as the long
strides of rain land,Treading on all
that’s left outside, You know not
when it will subside, And all
destroyed plants start to grow
so sip your tea nice and slow.

Pain bite
like a serpent
Leaving you numb
and motionless,worry
will fly your mind away, show
you hell and heaven, then convince
to enter hell, his bossom will seduce
your eyes, and because you are to weary
to resist, you will fall in it’s wide open arms.

Sip your tea nice and slow, for
yesterday is gone, tomorrow
you know not, but you have
today, to lose or use, don’t
let cold and ice freeze
your heart, And kill all
seeds of human
feelings, making
you toxic and
poisonous, For
the clock can
stop clicking
And make you lose your chance
To spill your heart to your special ones
So sip your tea nice and slow.

Life will show you the value
Of everyone around you
And how worthless some are
But you will decide what to take in your mouth
For hunger won’t decide for you
Just because someone treated you very bad
Doesn’t mean others will do the same
You won’t be a priority to everyone
Sometimes you’ll be just but an option
So long as you still live
You can be bitten by a sheep
And loved by a rattlesnake
So sip your tea nice and slow.

©® Kennedy Ochieng
Country Kenya 🇰🇪
Inspired by: Ann Lee Tzu Pheng Poem
“Sip Your Tea Nice and Slow”

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