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“An avid poet, writer, humanitarian, ambassador of peace and professor, Dr Shalini Yadav holds a PhD in Post-colonial Literature and M. Phil in English Language Teaching (ELT) from the University of Rajasthan, India and a course in Advanced Creative Writing from University of Oxford, UK. During her tenure as an educator in India, Libya and Saudi Arabia, she has participated and presented papers at conferences and seminars, chaired sessions and delivered lectures. She keeps reading her poems and short stories at various National and International poetry carnivals. She has meticulously written and also reviewed a large number of scholarly research articles for various National and International refereed journals and edited volumes. She is a member of various literary societies. She is chief editor of a quarterly literary magazine Glitterati. The editor of Open Page in Writers International Edition, she is also an efficacious member of the editorial boards of various qualitative journals of many countries. She has authored and edited 12 books till now. Her major book publications include Contemporary African American Writers, Reconnoitering Postcolonial Literature, Emerging Psyche of Women: A Feminist Perspective, On the Wings of Life: Women Writing Womanhood, Postcolonial Transition and Cultural Dialectics, and Communication Techniques. Besides, her poetry books includes Across the Seas, Floating Haiku, Kinship With You: A Collection of Poems, Till the End of Her Subsistence: An Anthology of Poems, and one in Hindi Kshitiz Ke Us Paar. Many of her short stories and poems are published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, magazines and anthologies. She is recipient of prestigious awards Chanakya Award, Global Women Icon Award-2023, International Women’s Day Award, and Savitribai Phule Excellence Award-2023.”

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A Dawn with You

A striking crack of dawn
At the parapet
Removing the murk within
One more day
Neat and beautiful
Brightening further
A different sort of stillness
In the garden
Soothing to my heart
Youth peeping outside
From tiny bud
Vitalizing the vibes
A softening music
Created by butterflies
Fuelling a desire
To relish
These rare moments with you!

© Shalini Yadav
Join us at Ispell India on 14th August

Time: Aug 14, 2022 04:00 PM Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi

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Meeting ID: 259 385 4343
Passcode: iSPELL

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Ispell India on 14th August

Exclusive talk with Author Kiran Manral at iSPELL India 😊

Heartfelt gratitude towards Jan TV 🙏🏻🙏🏻
#News Coverage of the event held on 7/8/2022, graciously taken upon by honourable Dr Shalini Yadav, I take this opportunity to express on profound thankfulness for the kind gesture on behalf of entire team members of #thefertilebrains

Roopali Sircar Gaur
Gelda Castro
Nirmala Mahesh
Maria Elvira Fernandes Correia
Sunita Hussain
Shilpa A Shah
Ekta Ahuja
Divya Onkari
Arindam Roy
Syed Perwaiz Ahmad
Hari Prasad S

হুমায়ুনস এডিটোরিয়াল [ কবিতা বিভাগ ]
A Humayuns Editorial Post —2022 [ Poetry Section]
Poetry of Shalini Yadav [ India]

By Shalini Yadav

Dust and rages take us nowhere,
We all wish to live United here.

A son less mother with dried tears;
Or a woman trying to save her respect, she wears;

After listening a cry from a heart of a child;
How can we be so barbaric and wild?

All and sundry have the same blood,
Then why to fill the earth with corpses flood?

Be the ambassador of peace and harmony
Feeding the starving souls a spoon of affection’s honey.

It’s not so difficult achieving the state of bliss
We just need to discard the demon’s kiss.

Embracing and enlivening sensitivity,
Can be en route to positivity and sensitivity.

Battles and May hems be the pointless
When we stand together with kindness.

Respect and empathy are humane essence,
Where poetry adds more in the fragrance
Chandigarh Diaries!!!!

A wonderful conference organized by Dr Jernail S Aanand with perfectly chosen august and skilled scholars, poets and authors. I express my sincere gratitude towards Dr Anand for the opportunity bestowed upon me to be a part of it and to get a chance to learn a lot and make new friends.
Few glimpses to cherish long way ✨️चौथे-इंटरनेशनल-लिटरेचर-स/
My article in City First (First India)..

Read it here
Feeling humbled and honoured to be a recipient of three prestigious awards on this International Women’s Day!
In disguise, a big bounty bestowed upon me placing among revered, resilient and assertive women all around the globe and it motivates to serve humanity utmost.
Sharing here one of these conferred by Writers Capital International Foundation which is really an exhilarating, elevating and generous gesture shown by WCIF team acknowledging the contribution of women and instilling the audacity in us to do more better in future.
Heartfelt gratitude towards respected Preeth Nambiar, Irene Doura-Kavadia, Johanna Devadayavu and the whole team of Writers Capital Foundation & Writers International Edition
Cover of First Issue of the Magazine ❤️
Invited as Plenary Speaker for 27th Nelta International Conference, Kathmandu, Nepal

Our book Across the Seas Edited by one of the eminent indian authors Shalini Yadav will be featured in Gomti Book Festival Lucknow. Available Now On Amazon! Across the Seas – A Collection of Poetry

My article in yesterday’s paper. Happy Independence Day in advance!!!! 🇮🇳
Read here @ Buzzbytes:

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