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🌹✒POETRYS – ANWAR RAHIM (Pakistan)✒️🌹

Incomplete Love Story

Hearing a distant song of love
So sweet, makes me feel alone
How to reach her, cover the distance apart
Spirit of love dictates, not to lose heart
Come so near to her in my dreams, a sweet fiction
She is no where near when get awake, a sorrowful reality
To reach destination of my love remains an endeavour, a flame of hope burning inside me
Like the Earth can’t meet the Sky, a cosmos devine rule
Imaginations lure me to find my love in the horizon
Where I may hug sweetheart like Sky and horizon meets at far distance
She dwells at the farthest sight where Sun rises with it’s orange golden shinny colours
Where Moon sets with an innocent crescent smile
With joy of dancing flowers in the surroundings with breeze
Sweet scented breeze blows across my soul with lovely message from my love 
Fragrance soothing environment with a pleasant ambiance
To caress her under an umbrella of twinkling stars remains a wishful thinking
Nightingale singing song of approaching distance, where my love lives
Merriments know no bounds, awaiting to celebrate our union to complete my love story

©® Anwar Rahim

Like She’s Saying

I am amazed
Seeing you all
Worried and pale
Hard and sad days
Come and go
Life is full of joy
Have a look at me
I have reasons to tell
Nothing lasts for ever
New day with new rays
Life is a divine gift
Share love and experience
Every age has beauty
Remain ecstatic in life
Be honest to yourself
Do not worry about age
Next day, life is a new page
Take it just a number game
Increase in age adds grace

©® Anwar Rahim
Anwar Rahim

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