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Wombman By: Ndungu
She is the pillar of every society
The rock on which society’s base is founded
Her meekness is not a weakness
Her wisdom comes from a great multitude of the gods
Her mouth speaks only of truth
Celebration of life and nation building
But let it be known to one and all that she is a tigress in human form
She is a daughter of Oshun
Just look at her!
Look at her skin
Look at her dress laced with yellow and blue
Look at her looks!
Her braids and of course her shining face
She is a woman
She is strength
She is royalty
She is loyalty
She is a blessing
An epitome of the universe in human form
A nation on which we depend for sustainance and growth
She represents a tribe, a clan and a generation of heroes and heroines
And even the great healers of our time emanate from her graceful womb
She is a representation of music
Tradition and dance!
She gives life to mortals and wildlife
Good and bad people
And this is why she is a WOMBMAN

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