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Today I indulged in joy!
I planted a fig!

There is an existential correlation
between the vanishing brightness
of shooting stars and blade of grass
that bend in rhythm,
amid the interdimensional forces


Oggi mi sono lasciato attraversare dalla gioia!
Ho piantato un fico!

C’è una correlazione esistenziale
tra il bagliore che si dissolve
delle stelle cadenti e i fili d’erba
che si piegano nel vento,
tra le forze interdimensionali
di foglie tremolanti nella brezza
che trasuda il passato.

Una dolce atmosfera , malinconico fra i
rami confusi,
ha risvegliato in me il profumo della giovinezza,
pieno di sorprese, paure,
dubbi e la gioia dei bambini.

Quella correlazione interattiva,
una concezione individuale
del momento della verità
e l’eterna scomparsa
del riflesso stellare,
con la futura carica di energia
nella attrazione reciproca,
può ispirare
qualcun altro, da qualche parte,
A scrivere,
linee così sorprendenti…

©® Stafania Miola

Stefania Miola is an eccentric and multifaceted writer, poet and journalist passionate about art in all its many expressions. Shedefines herself as a truth seeker. He lives with his family in a small town on the outskirts of Turin – Italy. She has always lovedreading the soul of art and giving voice to the soul through the words of her narration. She is mainly interested in the relationshipbetween art and spirit following a dynamic path that embracesmultiple disciplines: psychology, philosophy, spirituality, well-being. Fascinated by direct confrontation, she prefers the form of observation and artist / work dialogue as an opportunity for innerenrichment.

Since 2015, four books have been published:

One sky the only true one – 2015 :
Internationally award city of Florence Pictura et Poesis 2017
First classification literary International contest. ” Lose yourselfin Love ” Centre Study for arts and literary Atlantis – Italy 2020
Second classification National Literary contest city of Ascoli – Italy 2019
Award “ALFIERE DELL’Arte e della poesia”- 2021 Academy dei Bronzi Italy

Violets in the desert – 2018. Presented at the Turin International Book Fair of Turin city – Italy with mention honor Pictura et poesis 2019 city of Florence
The scent of the white rabbit – 2019 presented at the TurinInternational Book Fair of Turin city – Italy

Many poems are present in anthologies of various publishinghouses:

World poetry day 100 thousand poets for change Rome 2018
World poetry day 100 thousand poets for change Rome 2017
World poetry day 100 thousands poets for change Rome 2019
Festival of two parks 2017
Reflections 2014
Words under tree 2018 e 20190
Anthology Emotions poetry 2019 e 2020
Poetry 2018- 150 poets in anthology
Poetry 2019 _150 poets in anthologyTen drops of author 2017
Il modernismo – dedicato a Ezra Pound ediz. 2018
Skin do not forget 2018Where the bird song is lost 2020
Poetic voices for Alda Merini 2020

In 2020 I signed the preface of an important catalog of Contemporary Art artist Pino Cannata’.

Mention of merit International award “ voice for Alda Merini” with the poem :” flower that standing out of the grain ” 2020

First classification award National literary contest Emotions 2020 with the poem:
“The ring of life”

Fourth classification – literary national contest dedicate Italian poet Leopardi 2021

Critical award _ Association Eternal with the poem “Carillon”2019
Award Emotions 2019 literary contest – Words under tree – with the poem “ a divine children”

Award “best poetry”- writers Festival Cape Comorin India 2020 with translation poem “shim”
2020 Member World Nations Writers Union.
2021 critical analysis poetry by Dr. JAWAZ Jaffri Lahore

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