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There are many ways to promote your book or works. We wanted to share a few…

Book Reviews – Many tend to overlook this, but book reviews are important. They help the public and buyers, view different perspectives on the Creative/Authors work. A good review, encourages the readers & buyers, helping to promote it. It also lets the author know, how their works are being viewed.
Social Media – Is one of the top ways to promote your works. Make your media presence known. do videos, create a website, share, & Post! Post! Post!
Talk & Share (Word Of Mouth) – What better way to promote your work, than by telling family, friends, co-workers, neighborhood schools/universities, your doctors office, your local market (Wal-Mart, Publix, Aldi’s, Kroger, etc.), bookstores, libraries, and anywhere you go and people congregate.
Blogs – Someone knows someone, that has a blog. Blogs are so common & are literally EVERYWHERE! Get out there and connect with bloggers that support authors, book reviews, writers, Poetry, etc. Kindly ask if they’ll post your book & don’t forget to include the book links for purchasing. You may even want to start your own blog! Why not? DO IT! But be dedicated in putting your work out there.
Podcasts & Online Radio – Podcasts are literally popping-up, as quick as you blink! Utilize them and online radio, that cater to your works or not. It’s another great way for promoting & advertising.

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